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Thread: being forced to keep on track with dl

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    Default being forced to keep on track with dl

    hi i am new to the diaper wearing i been wearing for a few weeks and it s hard i can where all mos t every night like i want to. but i am looking for as much help form the community as i can get to keep me on track with wherein them. i want would like to be forced to meet my goals if i get off track. what would be fair punishment for not staying on my diaper every night. i want the community a adisc to decided for me and i will have to agree to it pm me for details or if any one wants to to be a helping friend

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    I want to know what type of advice you are looking for. Like is this to keep you on track with wearing them and you feel like negative reinforcement could help you or be necessary or is this more of a BDSM thing.

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    Yes this is to keep me on track with wearing and wetting them and the negative reinforcement might be good like for ex if i didn't where i would have to not only when them but do more then wet them

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    I honestly feel that we aren't here to make decisions for you. You have to motivate yourself, that this is what you want to do. Then, achieve your "goal". I think it would be most helpful, for you to decide what you are going to feel the most comfortable in when you take your nightly rest. And if you like it, then it would not make any sense to change into something else, half asleep, in the middle of the night, just to settle a BDSM urge, to get "punished" for it the next day. But really, if you want to feel punishment, just go without the diaper on some nights, if you find yourself more comfortable wearing them than the regular underwear. THAT, in my opinion, is REAL bondage.

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    I am modavated to do it but some times i fail at getting it dun and i just want the extra insurance to keep me doing it

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    I think this really lies outside the scope of a support site of this kind. ADISC is about helping people to make good decisions for themselves and to feel better in having a harmless urge. I don't think there's anything bad about what you're seeking but it's not an appropriate request to the community, it's more something from someone who knows you, cares about you, and is willing to undertake that burden.

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    Even if we were inclined to aid you, there's nothing we could say that would override any subconscious barriers you have. You're ultimately in control of your own thoughts, goals, and desires, and you'll find it difficult to reach your goals if you don't commit to believing them yourself FIRST.

    I'd suggest writing down your goals and set some milestones. Every day, pick up and read your list. Repeat it to yourself out loud -- 5...10...20 times until you honestly believe it to be what you want to achieve. Consciously reward yourself with treats, a movie, or something else when you reach a milestone. I know you mention negative reinforcement, but therapists will assert time and again that positive reinforcement is far more likely to successfully produce behavioral changes.

    If you want some external reinforcement of the goals you set for yourself while you're on your journey, try listening to some hypnosis files from WarpMyMind or Baby-Pants. They won't induce the desired effects, but they WILL make it easier to believe that there's nothing wrong in your pursuits -- leading to further acceptance and progress toward your goals.

    Anyone here will tell you that the hardest part of the AB/DL lifestyle is learning self-acceptance. Only YOU can control this. Once you do, you'll find that any external advice - whether it comes from ADISC members, hypnosis, therapists, etc - is only supplementary to your own belief system.

    Good luck! :-)

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    This is, indeed, somewhat outside of the range of support we offer. We're not really in the business of "forcing" people to do anything. And if that's the kind of relationship you are looking for then this might not be the best site to seek them.

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