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Thread: Anybody enjoying the cold weather?

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    Default Anybody enjoying the cold weather?

    It's currently 0 (-18C) with a -26 (-32c) wind chill.

    Tomorrow it is supposed to be balmy out +11 (-11C).

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    I have similar conditions here right now. Even with two pairs of gloves on, I still got minor frostbite while shoveling my driveway.

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    Hasn't been cold enough in this part of MD yet to suit me. I see all the bitter cold weather with snow falling in northern parts of the country and get very envious. It's supposed to dip to the low 30s (F) on Monday with a decent windchill, but I'd like it to be about 10 degrees colder at least. Yeah, I know, I'm some kind of nut!


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    I don't enjoy it...But I'll take it over a hot/humid day anytime

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    Butterfly Mage


    Lemme tell ya: cold weather is a drag. When it gets *really* cold, I can feel ever major injury I've ever had.

    Last night was my group's Yule Rite and Wiccans do most of the worship services outdoors. I thought I was groing to freeze my arse off! Aaiiieeee!!!

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    It's not quite as cold here as what you guys are describing, but it's pretty cold. We're finally done with the snow. I'd much rather have a warm sunny day.

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    Oregon may be done with the snow, but they are going to have mix through Christmas day. Even worse is the freezing rain that has coated everything, including the trees.

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    I like it for the most part. Though my hands get so cold it affects my ability to play my PC FPS games.

    But I have been wearing my footed sleeper way more then anything else. It just sucks I got to change out of it when I go out anywhere. <_>

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    WTF you talking about boy it's not cold till you hit -100C

    Ah but seriously I/we louisiana people have had 70-80F weather for the last few days.

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    I don't like it right now cuz our furnace broke and we had to replace it. 3 days in the cold is not fun. Good thing we have no shortage of blankets. I was toasty at night.

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