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Thread: what was your favorite brand of kid's diaper

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    Default what was your favorite brand of kid's diaper

    i know most of us use bambino or other leading competitor now but think back to when you were small what were your favorites what did you use the most. and now that there is another newer competitor on the market do you stand by what you had or wish that the newer brands existed back then?

    as a child i was a huggies kid. i wore soley huggies baby diapers from birth till about 3 when my mom started weening in pullups. i stayed in a combo of baby diapers and pullups till about 6 and then went to goodnites which i stayed with till i was 13 then i bought my first pair of underwear. but as for my son and lil bro they are both pampers kids both wore pampers from birth the older one (now 8) swears by underjams we got in a bind once and had to get him goodnites while excited at first led to him being really unhappy due to the fact they don't Dry like underjams do he woke up feeling wet and cold just from the pullup itself being wet even though his bed was dry. and the little one uses soley easy ups and loves them.

    my opinion if pampers was in the game when i was a kid i would have definately jumped ship from huggies to pampers. as the kids say they are infinatly more comfortable and the padding will lock the liquid away and remain dry to the touch while still feeling soft and mushy when touched on the outside ( which was always my favorite part of pullups and goodnites when i was a kid)

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    I guess from what I remember, it was mostly Luvs or Pampers for me. As I got alittle older and realized this part of me, it was still luvs and pampers. I think the only Huggies products I got was goodnites.

    Altho, I can agree that the underjams absorb much more and more quickly than the Goodnites.

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    I grew up in cloth, but as a young adult, I wore 29" jeans, and so I'd wear the largest size pampers. What a rush!

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    I spent most of my diapered childhood in Curity cloth diapers. Nowadays, Curity is just a name slapped on cheapo disposables, but their cloth diapers were tip-top back in the day (25+ years ago). I have a few dozen that I still use, mainly to add bulk to my adult cloth diapers.

    After that, Pampers. If I could have any baby disposable in an adult size, it would be Pampers Baby Dry.
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    Between Huggies Baby Steps, Pampers Phases, and Luvs Super Baby Pants. All of these diapers were plastic backed. I miss these diapers so much. I also miss the Attends with blue tapes because the plastic outer cover reminds me of the Huggies diapers. It was on their last batch of plastic backed diapers.

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    grew up mostly in pampers. the one with the white backing. was out of them by age 4. tried huggies once and wasnt sure about them.

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    wow i feel young now. while most are talking about 25+ years and cloth. lol i grew up in plastic backed, then later cloth backed. damn i feel even more like a kid now.

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    I grew up in the days of flat cloth diapers and waterproof pants. Donít know the brand of diapers. But I have fond memories of mom pulling stretchy fragrant rubber pants up over my diapers. In talking to others they were most certainly Playtex Rubber Pants.

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