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Thread: fear of getting diapers and stuff i need

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    Default fear of getting diapers and stuff i need

    hi i have a fear of buying diapers in the store i want to be able to go to any stor and walk in and get my diapers and not be afraid of getting them right now i go late on the weekends at like 11 or 12 to wallmart and get them any tips would be great

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    self-checkouts are key, usually if you buy other things besides just the diaper they will think you're doing shopping for yourself, but if you're a teenager and you're not living on your own to buy groceries for your house what you can do is go around 1-2 in the morning if that's possible. Nobody really notices especially in walmart, the cashiers don't care what you're buying and as a former cashier myself I saw some people buy some weird things but never questioned it because I just don't care about what they do with it. The strangest thing I noticed was a guy bought a bunch of duct tape but I think he just liked the tape or something, didn't really think it was weird, just didn't care. Hope this helps mate.

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    Don't hesitate. Just walk in, get the diapers you want, and go to the checkout. If the store has a self-checkout, that'll help with fear of the cashier.

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    You will find that the more you do it, the easier it gets. Hey I go with my mom to pick mine up lol, just another day at the store for me.

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    Wouldn't it be nice to have a walk-in AB/DL store that had every diaper and accessory under one roof?
    Sorry, I think I just skipped over to a new subject....

    I think I would drive a mini van so I could stock up

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindland1 View Post
    but there are so maney options
    My biggest suggestion there is be exactly sure of what you want. Look at the store's online pages, figure out exactly what they carry, get pics of exactly what the package looks like. Prepare options in case they're out or you're having problems finding something.

    write down what you're looking for, with the options also. Bring that paper with you. If a store person tries to "be helpful" tell them you were sent to pick up this and they'll get them and get out of your face as quickly as is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindland1 View Post
    hi i have a fear of buying diapers in the store i want to be able to go to any stor and walk in and get my diapers and not be afraid of getting them right now i go late on the weekends at like 11 or 12 to wallmart and get them any tips would be great
    Being Autistic and having Cerebral Palsy, I am not bothered about purchasing adult diapers. When others see me in the pharmacy, and they see my forearm crutches and leg braces, they assume I need them anyway.

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    Always hated the awkward silence when I get checked out... Then the clerk says "Take it easy" and I don't know what that actually means...

    Honestly I can't do much to mitigate your fear with the exception of telling you that I, too, have this fear. So when shopping I tend to rush right in and get the heck out ASAP.

    You say that you go to Wal-Mart, so I'm assuming there are likely self-checkout lines. As suggested above, this is probably the best way to go when you don't want to deal with people.

    To be honset, though, what bothers me most is the prospect of being discovered by an acquaintance (I don't have many friends lol) and somehow being humiliated, ridiculed, etc. That is the main worry for me because someone who knows you (life lesson I have yet to come to terms with her) can hurt you much, much more than someone who doesn't. The clerks I wouldn't bother myself about because I blissfully assume that they are just indifferent people doing their jobs. The mature way of going about for a clerk (pardon my idealism) is not to personally identify some strange, seemingly healthy person who buys diapers. I wouldn't mind some sharing (they aren't bound by HIPPA law...) and maybe even laughter as long as it isn't personally identifiable. And that would be most reasonable if that person were a random stranger.

    Remember: you are a client of the supermarket and they (the management, who pays the clerks) want your business. So go in and do business!

    It may also help to buy from a location that you usually don't go to, or where you know people won't care about a thing you're buying (most people don't care anyway). A large, zipping shopping bag and a long, long ride on a bus get me there, but whatever is within your means. Oh, and the after-hours idea is good, so as long as you can handle it, keep on it. Find out what works for you and what you are more comfortable with.

    Finally, know that random people have more important things to do than ridicule others for buying... *gasp*... diapers.

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    Well i ti went good last night got what needed and then some but i was disappointing cuz tey didn't have what i wanted but still got some just of a different brand

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