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Thread: What are your opinions on Cartoon Underwear

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    Default What are your opinions on Cartoon Underwear

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    I'd love to have some, but they don't make it in women's plus sizes. Although cartoon diapers would be even better

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    I like it and it doesn't matter to me whether you are a baby, adult or age-playing. I think some of the cartoons look good on anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillygilly View Post
    I like them. I have several pairs of them. Hanes makes a "Theme Brief Pack" that goes up to a Boy's size 16. They are like little kids' print briefs. I wear a boy's size 18, so I can fit in those, but they aren't the most comfortable. Fruit of the Loom also makes a "Fashion Brief Pack" that has printed briefs in them. They go up to the size 18 that I wear, so they are more comfortable for me to wear.

    But besides those I have found some briefs sold by Fruit of the Loom that look like the old Fun Pals briefs that I had as a kid, as well as some others that I'm not sure who makes them.

    But yeah, I always liked wear my Fun Pals growing up. It was sad when I got too big for them, because I had to switch to plain old white briefs. As I got older I started wearing boxers, because I like the prints and designs. Then I started to wear boxer briefs, when they started to add patterns to them. Now they've got patterns on the older boy's briefs; so I wear them and my boxer briefs.

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    If I don't bother you can I see a pair Matthew

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillygilly View Post
    If I don't bother you can I see a pair Matthew
    I did some searching on google, but it was harder than I thought. Sorry

    I searched for "Hanes boys theme pack briefs", and found a pack on ebay for sell. It just showed the package and not the briefs themselves. They come with 5 briefs 2 solid color ones & three print ones. I've got three different ones of the Hanes. "Camo Hero Prints", "DJ Prints", & "Racer Hero Prints". The camo ones are Camo briefs with various tanks and planes on them. The DJ ones have different musical instruments & dogs / animals playing instruments. The Racer ones have different cars / trucks / monster trucks on them, depending on the different brief.

    I bought the Hanes briefs at Target sometime last year.

    For the Fruit of the Loom ones, I only found pictures of the packages as well. They come in packs of 5 as well. I got them at Wal-Mart. The first pack of them, I got at least a year ago, if not longer. They came with 3 solid colored briefs, and two camo print ones. One was more a gray camo and the other was a blue camo. Then I got another pack this last month. It still came with 3 solid colored briefs, one camo brief (white, blue, green, etc.), the last one was a basketball themed one with basketballs all over it.

    The Fruit of the Loom (Fun Pal like) briefs I got a few months ago at Target. One is a Batman themed. It's a dark blue with black waist band and strips (don't know what those strips are called, but it's the colored parts on Fun Pals) that make the fly and around the legs. It's got the Batman logo on it as well. The other pair is a Superman brief. They are red, with blue strips that make the fly and around the legs.

    I can't find anything about them on the Hanes or Fruit of the Loom websites. I can find a few pictures on google image search but nothing really good of them.

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    I absolutely LOVE cartoon underwear, but I always feel really weird looking at some in the store. I've only done it once, but never again. I mean, diapers are one thing because you can kind of play it off as being for someone else, but something just seems odd to me about being caught looking at little boy underwear. I have been trying desperately to find some printed briefs that will fit me though, but the designs I want are all way too small for me. For example, I would be in heaven if I had some Thomas the train briefs, but I can't find any above the 4t-5t range.

    I actually found a website that tells you how to make your own underwear if you're into sewing. I haven't given it a shot yet, but I've switched gears to finding some nice cotton fabric to see if I can find something that would look adorable as briefs. The fruit of the loom and hanes sites aren't bad, but I feel like all they have is plain or camo designs for boys. Perhaps I should take Mattew's advice and look on ebay. The only problem I ran into when I did that was finding the right size. I comfortably fit in an 18 as well. 16's work, but not very well.

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    I love wearing them so much more fun than boring underpants, I'm lucky (some would say unlucky, lol) to be able to fit into boys underpants and regularly go to work with Rocket ships and Robots on my underpants. GAP do some great briefs for boys aged 13 with dinosaurs on them

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