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Thread: Living life a little more dangerously.

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    Default Living life a little more dangerously.

    So, I decided to go out on a limb and order my first diapers online. Which is fine, except for two reasons. I live with 7 people who don't know about my secret, and these will also be my very first diapers I've worn, unless you count Goodnites.
    Which brings a few questions to mind. See, I ordered the Bambino Teddy sample pack, which looked good enough for my first "real" diapers. I liked that they were all plastic, with teddy bear prints. But, do they hold together well? How well designed is the tape? Do they ride high or low? Will they fit snug, or will I struggle to hold them up? To be honest, I've no idea how to put on an actual diaper. Rest assured, I suppose I will find out the answers to these soon enough. For anyone familiar with Bambinos, I placed the order on Wednesday, so how long until you think I recieve them?
    Assuming the delivery process goes smoothly, and I can get the package away from 7 pairs of eyes, I'll keep you guys posted on my first diaper experience! All comments appreciated.

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    you sir are one crazy mother fucker :\

    the basic tips to putting on a adult diaper
    start with bottom tapes first
    Make sure the bottom tapes are tight
    move to top tapes and ensure there tight
    you have about 30seconds to readjust the tapes before they lose stickyness (this is from personal experiance)
    once you get a tape on rub it for 10 or 15 seconds making sure to get all air out of it even if there isnt it will ensure a firm stuck ness heh

    These are top of the line ab dl diapers theres basicly nothing better besides maybe fabine but then again ive never tried fabine
    Altho dry 24/7 are better then all abdl diapers in my personal opinion (again ive never tried fabine)

    These diapers will hold up really good as quoted many many times on the forums

    tip to wetting diaper
    1 take it slow never flood diapers unless you feel like not wetting more then 1 time
    2 wet over a 30 minute period this will ensure good use of the diaper plus in my opinion it gets thing and i love thick diapers and you can wet a couple more times after this :0

    Plan on wearing around roomates
    Well if you do just remember these diapers are omg loud. Its so noticeable its crazy the crinkle is so loud just keep this in mind.
    Ive worn around guest to my house and had no problems but that was cause one of them new about my diaper wearing stuff and doesn't

    Ive never walked long distances in diapers but i have road long distances on my bike and well lets say it was a bad idea. all the abosrbant material bunched up was no fun

    For max absorbtion do not touch or feel your diapers again this is personal experience i have seen when i touched the diaper the material moves and lessens the absorbtion.

    If you have further question do not be afraid to ask almost all of us here are pros when it comes to diapering and being diapered

    Final tip when diapering your self the first time take it slow there is no rush also make sure your diapered is centered but tight makes a better fit

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    Oh, life is an absolute gas when you live on the edge like me. I very much appreciate the advice, and I will be sure to revisit the thread when they arrive. I'm excited.

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    IIRC they'll arrive in a small box. Have a prepared excuse ready for their arrival, such as "...Ive ordered this and that and am expecting it today"

    Teddies are a great diaper IMO and will be an awesome experience for your first time-an experience thatll be hard to top with store brand diapers. Once you try premium diapers, its hard to go back...

    And while youre coming up with an excuse for a small package think of one for a big package-you'll want a case after the samples are gone!

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    Actually they arrive in a package that is clearly marked Adult sized baby diapers. Unfortunately, it is very obvious what they are, and even have a picture of them on the label.

    Make sure you are home when the mail arrives, because it doesn't leave much to the imagination. And you can expect lots of colorful catalogs to follow on a weekly basis.

    Good luck!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm Sorry, I just couldn't let that one slip by. They come in a plain unmarked package and no one would ever guess what is inside. Unless they just put your address without a name. Bambino diapers are one of the best made diapers available.

    I am going straight to hell for this

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    Congrats. Those bambino diapers are awesome.

    The package is indeed discrete. The last time I ordered the sample pack the diapers came in a plain white envelope and had no mention of diapers on it.

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    This is just me, and I could be wrong, but when I first started it definitely took me a few times to get putting the diaper on properly. That said, you don't want to waste a "good" (and expensive) diaper just because you're not a pro yet. Don't worry, you will be in time.

    I would suggest possibly getting a small pack of store brand diapers, if you can do so discreetly of course, to try putting on a couple times. I can't say I've ever had issues with the high quality diapers, but I had been wearing some super cheap Breeyos off and on for a few weeks first and had gotten used to it after wasting a couple of those (cheap
    "re-tapeable tapes" are impossible to re-tape) and it takes time to get it right every time without fail.

    Good luck! Wearing your first high end nappy really is one of the best experiences!

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    Even with the risk of all the room mates, we are like a moth to the flame with our diapers... risk, smisk, you do what you have to do in life... enjoy!

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    Living life on the edge... Have fun with your bambinos 😃

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    norcal57... As soon as I saw "colorful catalogs" I thought for sure that cardiac arrest would be somewhere in my near future. Much appreciate the answers, folks! Still working on possibly ordering a case, that will require brainwork. :P

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