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    I recently purchased a lovely pink satin babydoll dress complete with frilly diaper cover and bonnet. I haven't worn a bonnet since I was an actual proper baby and have never really been interested in them but once I put it on to complete the outfit I was totally converted to them they just add that little bit extra, I now own a matching set of mittens too. A great thing about the dress is it can be padlocked I've done this to myself several times now once struggling to get free after there was a knock at the door, it's all great fun, lol.

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    That's sounds like a fun time!
    Do you have a photo of the dress?
    The first time I started thinking about AB THINGS (at about 6) that is what I remember thinking about: someone made to wear a bonnet... I mean you can't hide it and its adorable!

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    Add a LOCKING diaper cover over doubled/tripled diapers and then the LOCKING Mary Jane shoes with frilly ankle sox - - -
    Follow this with your LOCKING dress (short of course to show off the diaper cover) and then the mittens !
    Are the mittens the thumbless type ? Best because they limit the range of manual manipulation of keys and release fastenings.
    Optional consideration to have the mittens restrained to a LOCKING waist belt - NOW YOU ARE IN FOR SOME BIG TIME FUN
    when that door bell rings or receiving a phone call - can you get out in time ? Oh dear I am afraid that you have gone and done
    it now ! Now time has run out on your nature call and you are forced to use your own personal porta potty - better luck next
    time in beating the clock !

    Remember to play safe and have a back-up plan !

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