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Thread: Problem with my bottle...

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    Default Problem with my bottle...

    So I bought a new baby bottle from baby-pants a few weeks ago and have run into a problem with the nipple (which is their NUK 5 version of a regular baby bottle nipple). I have made a hole using a toothpick as recommended by both the instructions and various people online, but the problem is I can only drink about a quarter of the bottle before I lose air in the bottle and find it tremendously difficult to suck out any more fluid without unscrewing the cap to allow air back into the bottle.

    Has anyone else experienced this same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Do I just need to make the hole bigger or what do I need to do to ensure a consistent flow of fluid?

    It seems every site I've looked at has insinuated that merely making a hole will keep the bottle working just fine. Is this perhaps a user error then?

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    I have also used the larger Nuk 5 nipple baby bottles, from baby-pants and others, and have always had the same problems that you describe without a solution.
    I still prefer, and always enjoy, my Platex "Drop Ins" baby bottles with a hole enlarged standard nipple.

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    I bought a NUk 5 bottle too. Ended up going back to regular ones. The NUK 5 teat didn't really work.. it would just contract weirdly as you drank from it, and then start leaking on the side.

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    Playtex Ventair is my favorite baby bottle. The vent is in the bottom so the liquid doesn't get all over your face. It also makes it easier to clean because you have access to both sides of the bottle.

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    Just got to add my two cents here as well. Got the NUK5 bottle head a few years ago and never liked it. It did exactly as everyone else is describing. I've since got the largest AVENT bottle with the vari-flow teat. It really is heaven compared to the NUK 5. Don't know how others deal with the NUK5, but IMHO it was a waste of money.

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    Yeah, my bottle is just a regular baby bottle. I don't know if this is the same issue you're talking about, but my bottle stops flowing after I've drank from it for a while. Usually I just flip it over to release the pressure, and then I can drink again. Do you actually have to unscrew the cap a quarter of the way through? If so, I recommend spending the $5-10 for a plastic baby bottle. I've never had problems with mine.

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    When I got bottles in a value bundle from pacifiersrus they included NUK 5 nipples with the bottles. I never could get the NUK 5 to work right so I just
    use baby nipple that came with the bottle. It's a medium flow nipple and works just fine.

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    I've always wondered about those larger nipples. I think I'll stick with my normal low flow baby sized nipple on my regular baby bottle.

    The nipple on it seems to work just fine for me and I like the flow slow. This way I can enjoy my bottle longer without having to constantly refill it.

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    Hmm, that's unfortunate for me considering I spent like $20-$30 on the bottle, but maybe I can get a baby bottle nipple to fit on my bigger bottle. Who knows. Anyway, thanks for the advice everyone. I really appreciate it. Now it's time to go to the store and get me a baby bottle.

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    Hello, the cleft palate and for mail nipples are long and have a crosscut in the top. The fluid will flow out much easier and you will enjoy sucking on it because it is longer. Hope that helps love mommy
    My iPhone dictation was supposed to say Enfamil

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