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Thread: The words you use determine the colours you see!

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    Lightbulb The words you use determine the colours you see!

    Okay, this is a blatent plug for my "documentaries online" group! I hope no-one minds, but no one ever seems to notice anything that happens in the groups!

    Anyway, I found this fascinating! The words that you use for colours determine the way in which you see the world!

    Quote Originally Posted by tiny
    We have eleven words to describe colour, while the Himba have far fewer:

    Zoozu - most dark colours, some reds, greens, blues and purples
    Vapa - mainly white, some yellows
    Borou - some greens and blues
    Dumbu - some greens, reds and browns

    The Himba were shown a number of green squares. Westerners took ages to spot the odd one out, while the Himbu found this easy. Then they showed the Himba a number of green squares with one blue... Despite it being obvious to us, the Himba barely found it possible.

    It seems that the language we use (and, as shown later, our emotional state) can change how we perceive colour.
    Come over to my group to see the video!

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    Fascinating! I had wondered about that sort of thing before. Nobody seemed to get what I was on about. Cool.

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    Oooh, interesting.
    I´ve actually had a conversation about this with some friends a few weeks before.
    Ha. They said the topic´s stupid. They called me crazy.
    Who´s the crazy one now, Mr. Invisible dolphin-man?!

    Thanks for sharing :3

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    A congenital form of colour blindness perhaps where varying degrees of certain colours register differently for them. Just a thought.

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