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Thread: Everyone knows, and that's a good thing

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    Default Everyone knows, and that's a good thing

    Hi All,

    So. The wife is gone for a while, and so my Mom came. I was low on supply, so I reupped with a couple cases. They came, and she didn't even ask what was in them (she's pretty nosy). When I was young, she actually asked what the blue plastic bits were that were all over the house. I guess my Depends tore up a bit. Anyhow, I was washing my cloth diapers and she pulled them out of the dryer and put them on the banister to dry. Amazing woman.

    Then, about a month ago, my wife was sewing me a diaper. My 16yo son walked into the sewing room, and asked what the diaper was for. She told him we were trying to make some money by way of diapers (true) and that I was the tester. The cool thing is, he accepted it. He still respects me, fears me (when needed, which is never, now) and gives me hugs before bed. He simply doesn't care--but he knows.

    And yesterday, I came out to my best friend. He had zero clue, even though the signs were there. Mind you, I did this because, in part, my wife is in PTSD rehab, and things were stressed and weird. Anyway, he told me it wasn't weird--he had never heard of it--and totally accepted it.

    I'm in shock a bit. Everyone important to me now knows. It's a weight off my shoulders, but a bit...weird. Anyhow, had to post. Been a good couple months. Kinda.

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    You're certainly dealing with an unusual set or circumstances. I can understand a mom accepting this in a 40 year old son. You're old enough to make your own life decisions, and that should be acceptable to a parent. Your wife already accepts you, and you had a good reason for your son. As for friends, if one is open minded, wearing diapers is simply one more kink among thousands of kinks. Everyone's different and has different needs, so why not.

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