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Thread: ABDL Factory price fumble.

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    Default ABDL Factory price fumble.

    Mydiaper - Cheap Printed Diapers, Plastic Backed, 25 Pak

    from what i can see of that link there is a new kind of printed diaper in packs of 25 for 1.60

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    at first glace i thought they were aww so cutes or fabines

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    I clicked on the US price and it came $2.16. My question is? Is that per diaper or for the pack of 25?

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    to me it clearly states per diaper in my mind at least no way are they selling 25 daipers for 2.16$ thats nonsense unless the diapers are made out of air of course

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    as for the price its $26.35 for a pack of 25 and $2.16 per diaper i think but seems wierd

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    i look at there other products in the diaper area and when they only sell a single diaper they tell you its a single diaper :\

    thats really wierd maybe its a typeo or fuck up on there part ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    i think if shipping isnt to bad ill give it a order and see whats up

    - - - Updated - - -

    for shipping \/
    PostNL Non EU World with Track & Trace

    ya thats not gonna happen some one will have to do it that lives in the uk cause im not paying 26.50 for 1 diaper

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    yeah upon research the like i gave is for an individual one but incorrectly labeled, looks like ill have to amend my order oops

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