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    Question bed pads

    hi i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a bed pad stay in place?
    ive tried goodnights but they are too expensive and my diaper sometimes leaks please help.
    ps is tenna a good brand of diaper?

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    well the best way to make a bed "pad" stay in place is to use a MATTRESS cover actually. those just don't move because they are designed to not move by being tucked in under the mattress itself. of course there are actual pads that are like 5 feet long and only like 2 feet wide you can just essentially place the "strip" across your bed and tuck the ends under the mattress. here are some links to those pads and mattress protector's

    Protect-A-Bed Washable Underpad - Tuckable Sheet Protector - Drawsheet

    Protect-A-Bed Elite Waterproof Mattress Protectors

    keep in mind that these are expensive but you are getting what you pay for i think.

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    no advice for you on bed pads really, ive never really put them to any sort of use or test.

    BUT, get a mattress protector they work great, its basically just a bed sheet that's waterproof. They have several different kinds ranging from a plain vinyl sheet to much more discreet and comfortable cloth styles that are breathable, they even make waterproof pillow-top mattress covers. I got a queen-sized breathable soft knit mattress protector from walmart for $30. its multi-layer, soft knit cloth on top, and the bottom is a separate layer of cloth coated in a waterproof rubbery type of material. Its hardly noticeable and not hot or sweaty at all. I tested it out with a full morning pee not wearing a diaper, i was wet from my knees to my neck and i laid there trying to sleep for about an hour or so and no leaks at all. The really amazing part was that it didn't run all over the bed, the quilt like pattern sorta sucked it up and held it right were it was, and even though my side was soaked the other side of the bed was dry.

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