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Thread: text font size and the PS3

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    Default text font size and the PS3

    they must assume that everyone who owns a ps3 has a 950,000,000 inch screen. i tried playing Time and Eternity this morning and was unable to read the text, in part because it was white and displaying over character and environment graphics and because the text font was so small that it would have required an electron microscope at maximum power to read it

    i have a simple 19 inch old picture tube tv set that is low rez which makes it difficult to read anything small

    anyone with a flat pannel have issues with the text font size on ps3 games?

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    I had to buy a flat screen after I bought my PS3 as games where unplayable. Even when I got a 26 inch LCD I had trouble with some games.

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    I have the opposite problem xD. I can't read the text from my PS2 games on my led tv xD, but it's great for my ps3.

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    On my 36 inch I have no problem if I'm close... past 2-3m it beggins to be hard... they must assume we all have 60 inch TV :|

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    I play on a larger flat screen with no issues, though then I can't seem to see anything else in the game without being close (well, I can see closeish stuff but if I need to line up a shot on someone a fair bit away, or playing NCAA/Madden, I have to stand somewhat close. That's my bad eyesight though).

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