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Thread: diapers around friends/family

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    Default diapers around friends/family

    does anyone like to wear diapers around their friends or family, whether they know about you wearing diapers or not, and try to make it really noticeable? either by having the diaper sticking out over the top of your pants, or wearing loud, crinkly diapers so they think you're wearing one? I personally have done that, but very rarely and only around my mom and my best friend who both know.

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    No...Even though my mom knows, it's not something I wanted her to know, so why would I flaunt it?

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    honestly, i would rather the rest of my family not know. my mom knows, as do a few friends, that is enough

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    I don't try to advertise the fact that I may be diapered to any of my family members. I might be a more relaxed about it here at my dad's house but I am surely not going to walk by him in just a short T-shirt and diaper. <_>

    Anyways don't you think exposing your diapers to them may be one of the root causes for them wanting you to stop wearing?
    Really they are fine with you wearing diapers, but do you have to expose your diapers towards them? Just show them equal respect by keeping it as private as you can.

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    i've been known to occasionally wear around my mom, but i'm always super careful to keep it concealed. i don't much like wearing around people -- it makes me nervous and paranoid -- but sometimes there are situations where it makes the most sense to leave it on while she's around. as far as i know, she's never noticed.

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    I do wear around my friends, the only time I don't wear is around my family. I do not flaunt it, although if the diapers are loud, they are loud.

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    I can understand how enjoyment can come from wearing in front of random members of the public and trying to make it noticeable. In fact, while I'd never want to make people feel uncomfortable, I'm definitely attracted to the idea of flaunting diapers in public.

    But in front of my friends and family? That's just weird. I'd never want to involve them in something like that, and I'd get no pleasure from doing so anyway.

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    No chance in Hell that I would wear around my family.

    (I know I'm about to conflate family wearing with public wearing, but they're somewhat similar in my mind.)

    I can't quite put words to my feelings about "public" exposure, but I'll try.

    What I want out of wearing in public (other than the delicious convenience) is that some other guy who is also into diapers will notice what I'm doing. And I mean only someone who is into it.

    The result is that I'm never obvious in public.

    This creates a problem. How do I keep my diaper hidden from those not aroused by it, yet somehow signal the persons who are? And just as difficult, how do I approach another guy on the street who I think might be wearing?

    I've never solved this. It speaks to the need for a recognizable signal, like the old gay hankie code, but apparently such a thing has never taken off among diaper wearers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    And just as difficult, how do I approach another guy on the street who I think might be wearing?
    You simply don't, you don't know if they need diapers or if they are AB/DL. Anyways there's tons of AB/DL's online to talk to and meet in public.

    If there was a public "sign" for this I wouldn't wear it or do it since I don't want some 50 year old guy who's secretly gay hiding it from his wife saying "So you like Diapees huh!?"

    (I actually did just describe one of the idiots from my town. At least from what his profile said online. It was some site like ABY or some other awful site like that.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    You simply don't, you don't know if they need diapers or if they are AB/DL. . . .
    That's right. But what I might do is make my diaper more nearly obvious, tug a bit of it up over the waist of my jeans and get in front of him or something.

    Put the ball in his court, so to speak.

    Or, getting up real bravery, say "I use Attends. What do you find best?"

    That could address multiple reasons for his wearing, and would be nonsense otherwise.

    Of course, this is all just fantasy . . . .

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