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Thread: Biking in a pair of DryNites

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    Red face Biking in a pair of DryNites

    Had the day to myself today for a change so I decided to go for a bike ride wearing my DryNites and some cool spiderman undies over them (haven't ridden my bike for over a month now so feeling a little guilty). I cycled down some country roads near to where I live then found a track that looked deserted, halfway down I pulled over and stripped off my trackies and T shirt then just rode for a little in those cool underpants (they're briefs for boys aged 13 and look great on) with the DryNites underneath them. I then stripped off my underpants and went quite a distance from where I stashed my clothes. Such a great feeling felt so free and vulnerable at the same time cycling around wearing just my DryNites , afterwards I went back and got myself dressed again and set off home only to pass a teenage lad walking towards me, ten minutes earlier and he would have had a hell of a sight My day didn't end there either I got to wet my DryNites and cycle home warm and full
    (I can't wait to do it in a proper diaper DryNites are all I had in just having to wait for them to be delivered)

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    walking is pretty hard on diapers (dry or wet), tends to really break up the padding. that said, bicycling is much much worse.

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    To be honest it wasn't that bad, but then again it was only a DryNite can't wait to do it in a proper diaper

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    Sounds like fun!

    I'd never have the guts to do something like that, and the rides we usually do are way too long for any sort of diaper to hold up anyways.

    Oddly enough, a longggg time ago (I must have been like 13 or so) on a training run a 150 mile ride, I complained to my mom about the seat of my bike being too hard/uncomfortable. Out of nowhere, she actually suggested that we go buy "Some Depends. for cushioning.

    I uncomfortably laughed it off at the time, but looking back on it she was being totally serious, which is surprising as she had no idea that I genuinely liked diapers then.

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