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Thread: When you were young, did you play house?

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    Default When you were young, did you play house?

    I was the baby because I was young family

    My sister like to dress me up like a baby a age 4 vary smaller like 1 half baby stuff and fit

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    One of my fav games. Almost always ended up being the dad though lol... Don't even want to know why that happened. Wanted to be the baby, but was too embarrassed to ask

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    I was always the older sister, every time. I don't know why but I liked that role.

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    Yes, but when I was very very young. I can't remembor much but from what I can remembor roles switched back and forth.
    hmm 3 weeks not sure if thats reviving a dead thread or not... this sub forum is allot slower then others so I'm assuming its fine.

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    It will pick up

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    I remember it well, I always played the baby when ever I had the opportunity to play house. As the baby I would always wet myself while playing the part, eventually no one wanted to play with me any more.

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    i was always the baby because i already had a pullup on

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    Well, I used to play school with the girls next door. We had tea parties too, but I didn't like those as much. ._.

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