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Thread: Girlfriend wants to try...?

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    Default Girlfriend wants to try...?

    So my girlfriend and I were playing GTA V the other day and joking about a few things. Somehow we got on topic that she could probably fit a baby diaper (she is quite petite...I can fit a pampers 7 and shes smaller then me), and she says that if I buy them, she will try them on. Drunk me says it's a deal, and sober me says I will never mention this deal again (she has no idea about my DL side)...

    ...then comes yesterday, when she says that she thought I was gonna buy diapers for her to try, to which I played off that I thought she was kidding, but she seemed persistent so I joked about what kind she wanted and the date is set for Thursday. So I don't know what to think of this, maybe shes a AB/DL and just doesn't know it yet, maybe she can tell I am (she is pretty damn smart) and this is her way of letting me know it's OK? Either way I'm gonna play it cautiously, but crossing my fingers for a good Thursday night!


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    dude go with the flow. hey she might let you try one on heh. Maybe this would be a good time to tell her your dl. then again that is if your ready :/ just a thought good luck and have fun on thursday

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    I think that may be how it will play out, depending on her reception of it all. We've talked of fetiches before and she says that she would be down for trying just about anything so long as nobody was hurt. She is a very open and accepting person, so this may be a good time to lay my cards on the table.

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    I would go with it, try to put some on if the opportunity presents itself. maybe afterwards you could suggest it again and get an ABDL thing going on with her and maybe even come out about it. atleast that's what I would do

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    Depending on how long you've been together she might know...even without you telling her...

    When you get to know people there is a lot of non verbal communication that goes on...

    I'd give is a serious chance that she knows...especially with you she is smart comment...

    Get some diapers and go with the flow, she may very well be doing this to let you know...


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    meh you guys just copied my response LAWLS jk


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    I wish I was you right now. lol. But yea, if this is her way of letting you know she knows about your DL interests, go with it!

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    Well you could very well be right CrazyCanuck she might just be one and not know it herself or for all you know she could already know she is a DL and this is her way of letting you know she is.But I do think it is smart to play it kinda cautiously at fight and depending on how things play out thursday this could be your golden opportunity to let her in on you DL.

    I wish you and your girlfriend the best on thursday ^^

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    You totally should buy some for her. You're a very lucky to be with someone that's not freaked out by it, and even interested! Then when she actually wears one, you should tell her that you like diapers and the reasons why.

    It took quite a bit of coaxing to get my girlfriend to try them, but eventually she did. Telling her this about yourself can also strengthen your relationship. She will know you trust her. Like others have said, just go with it.

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    It sounds like you have stumbled into a situation that a lot of us are very jealous of! You're going to get a lot of "oh hell yeah!" from the crowd as a result. There are lots of ways to make this more interesting and enjoyable for the two of you. How about you get some markers and decorate diapers for each other. (you draw on hers and she draw on yours) before (and maybe after) you put them on. Make it something more than just putting on a diaper. Maybe a nice soft big blanket to cuddle under. You get the idea. Make it more interesting, more involving, something with more to experience and more to like.

    Don't go overboard though, don't "weird her out" with an over-the-top AB experience for example.

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