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Thread: arousal when whering diapers

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    Default arousal when whering diapers

    my problem is i get a hard on every time i put on my diaper and it make it extremely hard for me to go in them what to do about that

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    you just wait it out till the arousal to go away then pee in it

    if you do not wanna wait just relax your body will let it flow dw

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    Just tossing in a first thought. Maybe a little ice would solve the problem? It would be wet when it melts but what the heck, that was going to happen anyway.

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    Ok i will try the ice thing sound cold what to do if it is too cold

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    Its rather simple. Don't think about it and ignore it. Clear your mind and zen out and it *will* go away.

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    "Pleasure yourself" before you put on the padding.

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    i tried to pleasure before ii put it on but it still get hard

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    As time goes by you'll grow out of it. For some it don't take long. Other guys it takes longer.

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    I remember getting arousal all the time wearing diapers. Now that I have been wearing diapers for so many years. I don't get arousal anymore.

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    Cool well i just started wearing every night. I was doing something around the same lines but i was using diapers once a month now i want o try to get in to it good now like every week at bead time. But that is another topic for another form

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