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Thread: A question to all furs

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    Default A question to all furs

    This is mostly out of curiosity, but to what degree would you want fur on your body. I'd like have a fox's tail and the ears to go with it.

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    My body is hairy already, I don't need anymore, but as long as they ain't permanent I'd be up for a tail and ears.

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    tail and ears fox and maby a set of dragon wings

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    I would much rather be my fursona than my human self.

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    I can not decide on this. If I had the option in real life though I would like to be able to just change when I want. Meaning I could have tails and ears for the most time, but be my fursona when I get home.

    Although if we ever managed to allow for this to happen I am sure a lot of religious stuff would pop up, also arguments about us being abominations of the human kind. This would lead it to be being banned permanently.

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    completely covered in fur. arms? fur. legs? fur. eyes? yep, fur. even my hair will grow fur. greasy black fur.

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    well as far as fur goes I would rather have less hair on my body and I don't

    However the benefits of my fursona would allow me to be very cute and cuddly and possibly get away with some ABDL stuff (probably nothing to the point of baby parefanilia but I could act younger)
    except for the fact that this would be in real life and a small care bear esk tanuki running around would be kinda weird and I would probably wind up becoming studied or make some giant spectacle of myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muse View Post
    I would much rather be my fursona than my human self.
    I myself would prefer to be a Parahuman Hybrid, with fur, ears, and a tail.

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