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    I'm very cautious about security when it comes to my DL/DF/BF side. I usually use Chrome, but i'm gonna start using Firefox for browsing diaper-related stuff. While Incognito mode is convenient, it's kinda annoying typing in my username and password over...
    And over...
    And over again.
    My username and password are both pretty complicated. Also, when i'm not using it, I have a new tab open and selected, so if someone glances at the bottom of my screen when I go grab a snack, they just see
    [New Tab - Mozilla Fi...] and not [Freezing Diapers for ...]
    What do you guys do for security?

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    For maximum security while you're browsing, I suggest you to click right on Firefox Logo and take "New private browsing window." (I'm not sure about the exact sentence since my browser is French, but it's the eye mask).

    By using the private browser your pasword/usename/navigation history and Cookies will not be save.

    For the message [Frozen diaper...] Are you using Windows 7/8? If so... right clic on the task bar and go settings, you will see someting like Task bar button.. (sorry again as I'm french) and take alway combine. Then you will only see logos... if you're not using Windows 7 just tell me and I'm gonna make some reserch

    I hope it's gonna help you
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    As I am the only one that uses my laptop. I just Chrome and Firefox. Plus I am the only one in the house. So I can just leave it open to where ever I am. But if I am elsewhere I just close the lid on my notebook and it automatically locks.

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