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    I am so glad I found this group! I hope I can find support in this group.
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Just so you know, adisc is not a meet-up site. While some members have met in real life, it is not the site's purpose, and personal ads requesting meet-ups are not allowed.

    Would you like to share anything else about yourself? What are your hobbies and interests?

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    While we (Adisc) don't host personal ads we certainly will offer support in advising places to go that do so. Suggestions on crafting an effective ad, precautions about meeting in private or in public, the wisdom of getting to know one another online first, and so on. I commend you to look at this thread

    I would add to it that CT/ab is a very emotionally charged relationship, and within a small community breakups and relationships that flop can lead to drama and hurt feelings and affect how others will to you post-breakup. Reward entails risk. The use of fire was a seminal point in man's evolution but playing with fire means chancing getting burned, as the Stones sang.

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    I agree in break ups are very emotional. As mine was a goodbye I struggled hard since we had been together so long. I share the pain as others have gone through similar issues. My goal here is not to meet up with people but to better understand the community. I hope that maybe I can be an asset to someone that could use some support. As far as hobbies go what do I not do lol. I do computer coding and have started with tons of company's in grass root startups. I'm also an advisor for legal contracts for company's helping them better understand I. English terms what it means. Computer repair and woodwork I would say takes a bulk of my time. I've built custom cribs for people so that was fun. Biblical history is what I was going to school in but found that I could make money researching it from home helping people with scholar papers. I won't say who I am but I wrote a book on depression and life with self harm. Did that back when I was 17 and it was something new that was just coming out. I love to study languages. I speak English and Italian fluently and I'm working with a Skype buddy on German but sadly I'm having trouble picking that one up. Friends call me woot. Hmm what else guys?

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