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    I don't usually have dreams in which I am diapered, however I wanted to share this one. I was back in seventh grade, sitting in the classroom and I was wearing a thick diaper underneath my turtleneck onesie and corduroy overalls. I was very self-conscious and embarrassed about how I was dressed, and I felt like I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I tried to put my coat on to cover up my overalls, however when I classmates said "we have already seen what you have on, so no use trying to cover up!"

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    I've never had any "spoken" words in any of my dreams that I've ever remembered. Mine are typically silent dreams containing only actions, typically moving and trying to get from one place to somewhere else which also usually involves obstacles, or places that ive been before but are changed somehow but exactly when I wake up from the dream I remember that I've been there before even if its been years.
    I don't typically retain any dream information longer then a minute or few. It's cool that you can have this level of description of your dreams, something I miss as I used to dream way more when I was younger and only of those dreams I remember some of it the most.

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    I've had a good amount of diaper dreams before. Usually just involves me either wearing diapers and nothing else, or finding the absolutely perfect diaper and then waking up >_< or wetting/being changed. Sometimes I have dreams where I get changed and things get a little sexy lol but that doesn't happen often :P I've never really had an embarrassing diaper dream except maybe trying to hide it in some cases. Diaper dreams rock xD

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    Most of my diaper dreams I had in 7th grade, basically the first time I bought diapers and found out about all this stuff.

    one dream I was at school, in a science class all by my self (I think It was either at lunch or in an IEP for wearing diapers, I doesn't really matter.) and I was wearing a diaper, I felt really awkward and my science teacher was kinda annoyed by it but didn't really say anything.

    an an other dream I was trying to show off to a pedophile by using the toilet (which was a ledge off a bamboo balcony) and partially messing myself afterwards

    In a more eventful dream I was in 7th grade and it was Easter. (The Easter thing was at our school and it was some social thing that involved candy, though I don't remember the details) at the school i met paddy and Selma from the Simpsons who offered me diapers. However when I wore the diapers I couldn't do Easter stuff (some agreement I made with paddy and Selma) and instead had to go to some lecture in this big room we had at our school. I decided to do more Easter stuff (and at some point lost the first diaper) I wanted to get an other diaper but I knew I broke the agreement with paddy and Selma so I had to get it in a stealthy way. I noticed that they left their locker open so I tried to steal a diaper, however they were waiting for me and slammed it right in my face. they made a grunt to mock me. the moment was very cinematic.

    My final dream isn't entirely ABDL but it's still a great dream and my personal favorite

    I wanted to go to my friends house so I started walking, the world I was In was like grand theft auto and at one point I had to cross a busy intersection. I saw this girl crying about how there are too many fall electives and not enough sprig electives, she felt like she was the only one that was bothered by this so the guidance concelor forced me to agree with her, when I was thinking about it as I walked i did realize that I only knew one spring elective. Later on I saw snake for the simpsons who I thought was going to rob me, instead he said to me "I'm not going to rob you, I'm going to get the new milkshake from arbys" snake then ran up a giant fleet of roman esk stairs to get to arbys. I walked a little more until I got to route 111 from Pokemon emerald and the there was a commercial break in my dreams.
    It was a very cinematic commercial for a sci-fi movie, basicly the earth was under attack from a bunch of aliens and there were a bunch of asteroids so they had to send this guy to a planet that they thought was habitable. there was a few seconds where they explained how to get to it and why they thought it was habitable (their logic was flawed but i don't remember how, though I do know that the star was red) after that it showed the ship blast off. it faded to black and the protagonist said "First a river, then 3 skulls, and then I found what I was looking for, Life" when he said "life" there was a weird sound effect and a pan of him wearing a hoddie standing in a field with a power line and a bunch of dying grass (It appeared to be winter)
    after the commercial break I found out that my friends house was in lavaridge town and the cable car was broken so I couldn't get to his house. afterwards I watched a news report about how they were destroying all of the robot construction workers who were building the cable car because their was poop in all of the orange uniforms, the news reporter tried to disprove this by pooping, it took a really long time but he pooped out a battery covered in a bit of diarrhea mucus and said "this is what a robots poop looks like" he concluded that it was actually the human workers who were pooping in the uniforms and then the dream ended.

    in retrospect that's not too abdl relevant but it still has messing
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    I love it! I want what you are taking! or doing( aerobics, tai chi, and organic micro-hallucinogenics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney View Post
    I love it! I want what you are taking! or doing( aerobics, tai chi, and organic micro-hallucinogenics).
    wait, are you talking to me or someone else

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