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    has any one ever lost there mojo to do things. for example i used to be able to get up in the mornings for work eat breakfast and be ready now i just get at last minute and rush around. and advice to fix this. feel free to share

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    My personal answer to you is, yes.
    I am actually where you are currently, so far I have been fairly unsuccessful in making my situation better. I remember a time a few years ago where my house was nice and I had laundry done all the time, things just had more of a flow to them. Now things seem harder and I find myself slipping. Not sure if that even makes sense or explains anything to you in the end.

    I am wondering if breaking tasks down (morning routine, daily tidy of house, caring for animals etc) into exact time slots would help. Would it help establish a pattern in being more productive or positive? Of course you'd give yourself no choices or excuses on the matter.

    Sorry if I'm not much help just trying to be nice and let you know I'm kinda feeing the same as you.

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    Glat there is some one else like me out there that has the same problem

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    Well, sort of. I am usually pretty good at studying and that, but lately I've found myself procrastinating, hence why I'm here...

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    Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation is by far the most common cause of that kind of feeling.

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    yeah i get enough sleep i go to bed like 9 / 10 some times later but i sleep good all night i need to be getting up at like 5:30 6 in the morning to get ready for work

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