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    i just got a nuk 5 adult size nipple and i was wondering how to i make a hole in it? so i can get liquid out of it please help

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    Take a sewing needle and heat it with a lighter, use it to poke the hole. Poke as many as you want until you get the right flow.

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    Some people use a large needle. Some use an exacto knife. It sometimes is trial an error to get the flow to your liking.

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    I know this will sound strange, but I used the tip of a cork screw. It worked really well.

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    How big a hole you need depends on the amount of liquid flow you are expecting to drink to stay hydrated.
    You could remove the nipple altogether and get 100% flow or with the nipple in place and a small hole regulate the flow.
    With multiple holes the flow can be increased.
    Remember that you don't want to have holes too small with restricted flow because when sucking on the nipple you no doubt will also be intaking a lot of extra air which with babies
    causes tummy upset (burping required) with adults I can only imagine the fun (belching) !

    One caution here most baby bottles with nipples can be laid on the side and not much fluid
    will leak out - BUT - the larger the hole the more rapid the fluid will escape to soak whatever
    is nearby so in this case keeping the bottle upright at all times will be required.

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    Some people take a razor and put an X in the nipple then that way the milk will flow out as fast as you wanted to or slow.

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    The instructions for my bottle said to use a toothpick and that worked fine, minus the small sized hole. The tips about making an X seem to be your best bet, because having a small hole will prove to be frustrating after a while. Refer to my thread:

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    Apology for confusing you.
    Remark was inappropriate for the theme of the thread.
    Trying to edit out the posted (quoted) remarks.
    Appears I will have to have administrative moderator assistance not having success.
    Again sorry for your confusion.

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