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Thread: getting started wearing diapers

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    Default getting started wearing diapers

    Hi this is Andrew i want to start getting deep in to wearing diapers. i currently where depends on and off at home. i really need help getting this going steady wearing cycle.

    first i need to know what all i need or should have for it.

    Second i need to know what size i need i can where 31-32 size pants

    Third a good store brand i could get at like wall mart '

    lastly i like to pee in them alot and where over night so they must fit and hols a lot.

    thanks for any one who could help me with advice i am totally new to this

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    Well, as people said in your intro thread, tell us what you like and we will suggest things to try. You like to flood (pee heavily all at once) so it would be good to try using cloth. Even a cloth booster in the crotch of a disposable. cotton, 6 inches by4 inches will help. SAP. is the absorbent stuff in your diaper. The trouble is that even when it holds a lot in total, it doesn't absorb quickly, and flooding often means leaks.

    Some other things: Do you prefer cloth backed or plastic backed? Goodnights style or a full on adult diaper? Does it matter if it's babyish eg with cute prints? Are you OK with ordering online? Plastic pants will be $20-25 in a medical supply shop. It is worth trying a pair, to see how you like them.

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    First off...welcome!

    Second, there aren't many store brands that are even ok...

    Can you receive packages ups/FedEx...

    If you can that is by far the best way to go...Walmart online even handle some decent products...

    So, let us know if it's just cash and cary, or online as well...

    Also a budget would be good too...


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    i like to go in them when i have to pee in the bathroom so i guess it would be all at once but i getting good at controlling it so a little comes out in less i can't hold it. as for what kids i do not know because i been experimenting with depends. this is fairly new to me so i don't know what is good and what isn't good
    i don't know about ordering on line i would be ok with it but i live next door to my parents and my mom takes care of my check book so she would see it on the invoicing

    - - - Updated - - -

    well i like to do cash and carry i would spend no more the 80$ at once on it but i am fin with spending mor if i am getting grocery something else

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    Since we've recently discovered that staples can ship-to-store thick diapers, maybe that's worth considering?

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    i am not sure i would like that i use depends at night now but during the day i where maxi pads what about sizing the depends i got are to big i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindland1 View Post
    Hi this is Andrew i want to start getting deep in to wearing diapers.
    A somewhat rhetorical question indeed but it is very important that you address this sooner rather than later. Wearing diapers, a desire to do this can cause many complications and it's important to know and understand yourself. What if your parents suddenly found out? What if a lover suddenly found out? What if a lover's brother/sister suddenly found out and told they're parents.

    Are you able to handle that situation?

    I am not trying to scare you. I am just trying to say, that you have to be ready for anything. This desire, to wear diapers, when it is discovered by someone, can be very detrimental to your mental health.

    The #1 thing I can say is don't wear diapers because you need a release for all of your mental issues. (oh it's okay to relax here and there but if it's the only way you deal with issues it will become a problem.)

    You ask about store brands and mention a waist size of 31-32 pants.

    I have used Rite Aid brand, which were cloth backed years ago with some success. You will note that Walmarts brand is "Assurance" (or "Insurance: as I like to call it.)

    None of these brands are really that great, however I have never tried a premium brand diaper myself as I am poor. However I can tell you what to expect from a Depends or store brand medium sized diaper on a 31-32 inch waist for wetting....

    You will sit there, wetting yourself. (yes this feels good we all know that!) and after the first or second wetting, well, you may not notice until you stand up... but the seat is wet! Yes... it will soak through where you are sitting. I guess it's the pressure. I have never had this happen with my old school plastic pants and cloth diapers because the plastic is much better at keeping moisture locked in.

    Ironically, if you are wetting while standing, or kneeling, the Depends, or your typical store brand diaper actually has the time to absorb more and will last far longer.

    Regardless, once you sit down, you are asking for a....

    WET SEAT!!!!!

    Love and hugs,


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    one thing is that my parents would never know cuz i live by my self i just rent a house next to them that they own also i have no lover and the girl that i had been with she supports it a 100%

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