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    I have in the past just enjoy diapers for the pleasure in wearing them. I normally will wear a Tena Overnight diaper and put a Tena overnight pad inside that and cut slits in both. Over that I would wear another Tena Overnight diaper and plastic pants. I very very seldom would have any leaking issues when wearing that combination all day long and having repeated slow leaking into them. By the end of the day The pad and first diaper would be totally soaked and the second diaper a bit damp.

    I now have actually developed incontince issues and it is no longer just for the pleasure but necessary. I ordered a sample of the Wellness plastic most absorbent diaper they make in a large size. I will tell you large is huge huge and that may have been a problem. However given that I put the diaper on very snugly and it seemed to fit quite well I expected better results. I put this on at 730 AM and by 1030 AM it was leaking out the sides along the back. Even with plastic pants on it leaked enough to cause my pants to get damp.

    I hate changeing at work but did so. I now have on the other sample that they sent (which is not plastic backed). I put on over that to see if it helps a Depends Protection (yes plastic backed) and put my plastic pants over that.

    If the plastic back Wellness diaper is suppose to be one of their best I would hate to see one of their worst ones.

    I have ordered from DMS a bunch of samples and will see how they are. Three of the samples are the Bambinos ones.

    I was really suprissed at how poorly the Wellness ones did. Have others had issues with the Wellness diapers?

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    I received a case of the medium ones today, wearing one right now. I will post a review tomorrow.

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