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Thread: Lille Supreme Fit- Issues with tabs.

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    Default Lille Supreme Fit- Issues with tabs.

    Here in the U.K I can get hold of Lille Supreme Fit briefs very easily, and I have been regularly ordering them over the past 4 years. However my most recent box has caused me concern. Don't get me wrong the absorbancy is great as it has always been- but the tapes don't seem to perform well as they used too.

    Especially the lower tabs on each side . They slowly become undone even with little movement and it's really annoying me. Does anyone else have the same problem with this?

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    Are you talking about the cloth backed ones ?

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    its because they are Velcro , if you look at the tena slip ultima it has a plastic landing zone and plastic tabs , which performs well , Abena x-plus has plastic tabs aswell and they seem okay , like i said i think its the Velcro tabs they seem to come loose with one wetting and pop off if you move , maybe fasten them a little looser ?

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    I have tried virtually every position with the tabs. The velcro area on the tab seems tiny as well. I swear they used to be much better than that in the past, and I am finding myself duct taping the brief on.. which kinda sucks. The size fits okay so I do not believe that is the issue. Very disappointed..

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    I see they stock Lille supreme diapers here in SA too.
    Does anybody no how they compare to the cloth backed Molicare premium super soft?
    I find sometimes the Molicare diapers also have a bottom tape sliding issue.

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    I wear them regularly and have not had the same issues. I do however use a body stocking to hold it in place so this may have helped

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    wow where can you get tena ultima, where can you order that

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac30 View Post
    wow where can you get tena ultima, where can you order that
    Are you from the Uk ? if so Search results for: 'tena slip ultima'

    if your from europe try euro DL , for america , im not sure

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    I ended up buying super glue to affix the weak tabs. The super glue works a treat but it is still an inconvenience.

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