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Thread: Wearing dipaers to work - due to leaking urine

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    Default Wearing dipaers to work - due to leaking urine

    Going back to urologist on the 11th. He is going to look up inside my bladder with a camera - not looking forward to that. I stated leaking urine when walking and especially standing about a year or more ago. I finally went to the doctor. She sent me to the urologist. I can not take incontincence meds due to the meds that I take for heart and other problems. So unless they find out away to fix it I am going to be wearing diapers during the day - not just for fun but cause I will have to.

    My question is how have others dealt with having to wear diapers during the day at work? Have you had any issues with your employeer? How do you deal with changing at work - I so do not want to change in the multi stall bathrooms and then have to dispose of the diaper. I have worn to work for fun in the past and normally will wait till no one is in the bathroom and change then put the wet diaper in a plastic bag and tie it up and put in in the waist container. That way it does not smell and does not get the paper towels wet.

    I would really appreciate any comments about wearing diapers to work and dealing with the possiblity of leaking etc.

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    As I stated in a previous thread on this topic. You need to discuss this with your HR dept. They should be able to give guidance as to how they will handle this matter since
    it's a medical issue. We can all give you advice but it won't help a lot if you don't discuss it with your employer.

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    No way I am going to talk to HR about this until I get all the information and results from the urologist.

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    When I was working, and wearing diapers everyday, I didn't tell anyone. I had been wearing them about a month prior to going back to work. Diapers to me, are my underwear. They sure beat wet pants.

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    When I was not having the leaking problem and wore diapers to work one thing I worried about was odor. I also worried about leaking. I found that by using a large kitchen plastic bag with holes cut out for the legs solved both problems. I have ordered some sample diapers to try them out and did receive the Wellness diaper and pull up over the weekend. I tried out the Wellness diaper this morning with no bag and only plastic pants over it. I found that to be one worthless diaper. I put it on at 730 AM and by 1030 AM I was leaking. I did go lots in the diaper and did not go the the bathroom at all - just went in the diaper. I have done this before with the Tena overnight diaper (two of them and one overnight pad) and that lasted all day. I then tried using the Wellness pullup they sent and by 300 pm it was also leaking. I then had to put on the plastic bag to get thur the rest of the day.

    I do have some more samples coming - Tranquility and Bambino and Tena slip maxi - Hopefully one of those will work better. The reviews for the Wellness one were all fairly good - not many that said that they leaked. My leaking with the Wellness ones was both leaking when sitting down.

    It is one thing to play and when a diaper gets to bad to just put on underwear and totally another when you are really afraid of leaking so much that your pants get wet and it could be noticed. Funny how lots of people on the site say they want to be incontinent. Take it from me its fun to wear when you dont have to but not as much or not at all fun when you have to wear them. I will try the samples and hopefully one of them will work better for me.

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    What sort of work do you do? Can you carry a backpack? Some kind of a brief case? I used to use a backpack.
    What about clothing? Can you wear skirts or a dress to hide your diapers?
    I wish you luck and well with your medical exam.

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    I am an accountant and work in a private office. I do have to use the regular bathroom as I do not have one attached to my office. Yes I do carry a brief case and my diapers, pads, and change of underwear are in that. I am lucky and live only 10 mins. from work, so when I have had a leaking problem that is enough to be noticed I can go out the side door and go home and change.

    I do hope to get some more responces from others who are incontinent and not just playing about the best diaper to use so that I DO NOT have to change at work. Right now I am using two Tena overnight diapers with two Tena overnight pads in them and over that I pull on plastic pants. On days when I am really concerned about leaking (normally I seem to be able to tell how the day will go before I leave for work) I do put on a kitchen garbage bag with holes cut out for the legs. I am hoping to find a diaper or pullup or some combination that will allow me to not have to use the kitchen garbage bag. I do find that is the worst part. Wearing the diapers all day has caused me no issues. I have not had any problems (as some do) with diaper rash. The main thing I am searching for is a some combination that will last all day and also keep any ordors in.

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    wellness are a fairly good diaper imho, I changed into one this morning in fact. If your diaper is fitted well it's much less likely to leak. I'll assume you're having a leak issue with wetting while sitting. This is probably the most challenging thing for a disposable diaper, and requires good taping techniques to avoid leaks. It also greatly reduces "safe" capacity.

    Wellness have short leak guards and short leg cuffs, which makes them less suited to wetting while sitting. (they work better for laying down or standing) You will need to make a point of attaching the lower tapes firmly DOWNWARD to meet the elastic, to pull up on the cuffs in your crotch and keep as much "U" shape in your diaper as possible. If you attach the lower tapes forward, there's a very high chance you'll get major gapping in your crotch when you sit.

    Wellness will have one other issue with sitting. They have sap, but not a high percentage, and are prone to "press leaks". If your diaper gets wet into the back and then you sit, you may leak because the wetness isn't locked up and you're pressing it out. Either change sooner, or go to a higher sap diaper. Nothing else will save you from a press leak in a low-sap disposable. More than once I've woke up with perfectly dry sheets, sat down at the computer, and had a wet seat within seconds. If there's anything in the back, I absolutely have to change before sitting down.

    It sounds like you don't want to change at work, so I'd imagine you are press leaking due to sitting after reachin the rear padding in a pulp diaper. You need to go to a higher capacity diaper, one with more sap. Abena Xplus (M4/L4) would be my first recommendation. (bambino would probably work just as well for you) You need to find something that has enough capacity in the front for all day, and that will keep the urine IN the front as much as possible, and keep it IN your diaper if it gets to the back.

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    I would try samples from XP Medical in Tena Slip Maxis and Abena. The M3's are thinner than the M4's. Also when the M3's are sold out that will be the end of them
    Both diapers are plastic backed and are fairly quiet.

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    Wow, I have been using ABRI M4 (cloth back) and plastic pants during the day for a while and never had any problems. I can go from 7:00AM to 1:00 without a change or a booster. I wonder if you are getting a diaper that fits correctly? A great pair of plastic pants will really save your day if you get the right fit and type. I have found that the LeakMaster plastic pant from works really well for preventing leaks and not expensive. I order one size smaller than what they recommend. They will fit tight, hold the diaper snug (great under jeans or slacks), reduces/eliminates the crinkle, and keeps my clothing dry even when I get stuck in long meetings and wet a lot. Best of luck finding a solution.

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