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    Hello all!
    It has been a few years since I've been on here, but I have finally decided to return. A little about me, my name is Kevin, I am from Ontario, Canada. I've been a DL (and mild AB) for probably 10 years now.

    Glad to be back,

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    Glad to have you back Kevin. What are your hobbies, interests (beyond being a DL)? I like to bowl, shoot pool, Geocache, hike, pretty much anything outdoors.

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    I do a lot of things...right no the main feature is that I am a PhD student in the sciences and a member of the Canadian Forces as a medic. Love the outdoors and go camping all the time (a lot with the army...they seem to like that :P)!


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    Well you certainly sound like and interesting person and it's cool that your a medic I bet you see and do a lot with the army because I know that armies tend to do a lot of things to train soldiers for all kinda of situations.

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    Ya, it's a good go...tough at times but fun. Getting ready for a trip up to the arctic in February...I'm a reservist though, a part-time soldier. Train on evenings and weekends and for some extended periods when I can manage with civilian life and all.

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    Yeah I can imagine how tough it is but hey there is no fun without some work after all.

    Oh I see well even being reserve is helpful I mean my dad is a reserve solider in the US army and he has all kinds of crazy training he has even been trained to be a full on MP

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