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Thread: Burned my hand and then the little me...

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    Default Burned my hand and then the little me...

    Well I burned my hand tonight cooking supper. Now it wasn't bad just enough to hurt and make the skin tender and shiny it will be a mild blister. Though when it happened my little side snatched the hand away and started crying. The burn itself didn't really hurt but it terrified her almost instantly.

    This is the first time that a moment of shock has brought my little one out. Has this ever an experience like this?

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    I kind of did that a while back. When I getting my supper ready I was chopping an onion and almost took the tip of my finger off. I almost cried out loud
    but didn't. I thought about going to the ER but I didn't. It took a little over a month for it to heal.

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    It is alarming when such a thing happens. I do not enjoy it when my little side comes out when I'm unaware, but it has happened a few times. This happens more than I'm alone, but if I'm with others I haven't had one that I couldn't recover from yet.... Yikes

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    But not with injury or stress...with that my stubborn macho man comes out...

    But, when watching some movies my little me comes out...

    Like today, I watched from up on poppy hill...that was ok...A bit triggered my little

    But then I watched sprited away again...still my favorite anime...


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    All the time! I dropped a machine on my hand at work the other day and made that little yelpy kid-in-pain kind of noise in front of my manager, didn't cry but teared up. Nobody seemed to think anything of it though, thankfully. If I'm around my fiance though my little comes out hardcore when I'm hurt or scared or sad.

    I work with another little, too and she does the same thing. If she's stressed out she sort of pouts.

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