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    just looking for some insight/advice

    currently I have 5 friends and 3 family members that know I like to wear diapers, and are all accepting to an extent. they each say though that I need to stop using them though because it's not "normal". for me right now though, diapers are an outlet for stress relief and relaxation, and I don't want to give that up. I'm just not sure how to approach this situation, so any insight is very appreciated.

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    Well are diapers affecting your life at all? Sometimes people do have a valid point in that you should stop wearing diapers. Years ago I was getting more and more anti-social just so I could wear diapers more. My dad pointed that out to me and cut me off them for quite a while. Now that I am pretty much back on track its fine again.

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    I'd say to do what you want...If you think you're normal (which you are), then that's all that matters...

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    I have to agree with Fire2Box, if diapers are becoming an excuse to avoid the outside world, then you need to do something about that.

    If they're only a way of relieving stress, or to relax or something of the sort, then I see no problem with it.

    But don't let them control your life, m'kay?

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    thanks for the insight, I'm trying not to let them control my life, and things seem to have gotten easier since I've found this sight with so many people to connect to. my friends and family are just looking out for my best interest, and think it will affect my future too much to keep wearing them.

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    Well, we're always open to talk.

    Some of us may be more hard than others.. Fire.. >.> =)

    But we're always open to talk.

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    that's why I'm so glad I found this site. it seems like some of my friends are still a little overwhelmed at the fact, and their first instinct is to do what they consider to be normal. I feel it's better to talk here because everyone knows what it's like to wear diapers and know that it's not such an abnormal thing.

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    Ah ah, don't get into that assumption.

    Most all of us know what it's like to want to wear diapers, but not ALL.

    Most all of us know what it's like to wear diapers, but not ALL.

    Not all. I didn't know both until about two months ago.

    Anyway, the point is, not everyone here has worn, and not everyone here wants to.

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    of course, my mistake, I meant most, because some people are just friends of people who wear diapers, or they can't get diapers, so I see what you mean mesmerale. just happy regardless to see all the people that do want to wear and know what it's like wearing diapers. I'm just hoping my friends/family can understand that, because I don't truly want to give up diapers. they help me out, and I figure that as long as it's not hurting anyone, what's the problem?

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    I've thought about that too.

    It's about social norm and all that good stuff.

    If they don't understand it, or want you to stop, then that's most likely how they'll stay. They aren't kicking you out, or trying to force you. Let them have their opinion, and you make a point of not telling them about things that they may not want to hear.

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