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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has found a good alternative to unique wellness briefs. I tried them, but the quality was very poor. Maybe I was just unlucky, but the customer service rep was unfriendly when asked for replacements, and they weren't willing to make things right with an exchange.

    I started with Abena level 3 from XP Medical when my condition first degenerated beyond the panty-liner stage. XP was great, but Abena switched to a more expensive cloth-like backing (though they ARE cooler in hot weather). Level 4's are still in the cheaper plastic, but they cost a lot more and are too bulky for everyday wear.

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    you could look into tena brand briefs that is what is supplied to me and they work well for daytime and at night time i use one of northshore care's contoured dooublers all my supplies are paid for my issurence as i have had several back surgeries and lost almost all sensation in the pelvic floor region during my last surgery

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    Another alternative is the Tena Slip Maxi's. I get mine from XP Medical. They are more discreet than a Abena M4. They're thinner but hold quite a bit.

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    They made new ones and here is the thread The only other one that are thin is the Bambino TotalDry Plus diapers. I am switching to because Attends are starting to leak on me and I am having bad luck with Attends diapers.

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    huh. three "wellness suck" threads just today. For the record, is everyone discussing the old style or the new ones they just released?

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    Must be talking about the old style wellness brief as they leak like a world war 2 submarine! On point I recomend the tena slip maxi or the molicare comfort super since you seem to be looking for something plastic backed also the new wellness superio signature series are really good diapers compaired to the original wellness briefs, I got a bag for free after having a few choice words with their customer service department and they are good enough that I will continue to buy them! Additionally, If you dont mind wearing cloth backed diapers I have 3 brands I use and recommend they are the Tranquility "Smartcore" which are both comfortable and very absorbant, next is the medline "Fitright" ultra,these are super comfy and pretty absorbant, and last is the Tena "stretch" super, these dont even really feel like a diaper at all and are so stretchy that once you put them on you can pull them down like a pullup if you want to use the toilet and are very absorbant. All 3 of these are also very easy on the wallet and can be found at most any online store. Hope this helps!

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