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    Hello and Greetings-

    I am a diaper fetishist from Togo, a country in West Africa. I can speak fluent French and I am also an English speaker to an advanced standard. I am very happy to see this forum because in my country we consider it abnormal to wear diapers in an older age.

    I enjoy swimming in the sea, I come from the capital city named Lomè, and we have a beautiful beach and sea to swim in. The weather is also beautiful every single day. I have once been into the sea with my adult diaper on and the diaper swelled into a large shape. Thank goodness I was not court by other residents of the city. I discarded the diaper into the ocean.

    I work in a hotel as a maintenance and service personnel. I enjoy serving customers and making sure they are happy. My dream is to find a wife that also wears diapers but I may have to go to France for that.

    I sit in my wet diaper for 15 hours sometimes. Diapers full of poo are not good for sanitation so I will avoid doing this.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I don't think we have many people from Africa on here so we welcome the diversity. What kind of diapers can you get out there? Also do you have any outside hobbies.. maybe a sport?

    Again, welcome!

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