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Thread: Is it possible to get rid of this fetish?

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    Default Is it possible to get rid of this fetish?

    I really don't like wearing diapers, it's annoying to have this disorder at the back of my mind so often, and I don't like feeling like a freak, or that I'm different from other people. It's also extremely frustrating to need to hide this disorder from others, and to secretly get into a diaper every few weeks just to get the need out of my system. I try to put it off as long as possible, until I just can't deny the urge. I thought that slowly wearing diapers less and less would help, but I've forced myself to throw away all my diapers and live without them for months at a time, and the urge still comes back, no matter how ashamed or upset with myself I am. Does anyone have any friends that have been able to kick this habit? I'm thinking of doing a sort of "psychological association" experiment where every time I can't deny the need to wear a diaper I'll put a needle in my thigh, or something similarly painful (but not too harmful) so I'll associate the pain with the diaper-wearing and eventually be able to kick the habit. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Generally speaking, no. Most fetishes are with you for life.

    It sounds like you really haven't accepted yourself yet. It isn't easy, but the sooner you learn that liking diapers is really no big deal, you'll find that you no longer feel so ashamed and upset.

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    Well I think that it might be possible...I have always been thinking about wearing the diapers for long time, but as you know it...sometimes you just dont feel like. I tried to be 2 days straight in diapers, forcing myself even if I later didnt feel like wearing them. Later (non diapered) I did not want to wear them at all for a week. (I masturbated ,,normally" wich is what I rarely do). I thought about wearing the diapers 24/7 for month...? I bet that then it can become disguise to you, changing your priorities (possibly). However, the money, smell, skin damage, worries in work...I will stay same as I was until now with a bit happy face. Just my opinion

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    You have about as much chance of making your self dislike diapers as you do making your self dislike your favorite food.
    And even less of a chance if this is a sexual fetish for you. Then it's become hard wired into your brain.

    They say many people who give up smoking still have strong cravings for a cigarette even 50 years later.

    If you want to stop, then I totally support your decision, mate. You should stop, if you feel it's the right thing to do. However, its much harder to kick any habit, compulsion, or addiction when you feel guilty or ashamed of it. A mind that feels bad about something will try to avoid thinking about it. That makes digging it out of your subconscious very much harder. The first step in recovery is to accept that you like it, accept that does not make you a bad person, and decide to quit purely because you choose not to take the risk anymore, and not because you do so out of shame. Quit with Pride, as it were. Anything else will likely fail.


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    It's not a "habit" you can "kick."

    All you can do is accept yourself for what you are. Guilt and shame over this is unpleasant and counterproductive, and you have to simply learn to embrace it. What gives you pleasure and harms no one else is not wrong by any reasonable definition of "wrong."

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    I've never heard of anyone kicking this, but I suppose there are some. I can't help but wonder, however, if it's like those poor souls who were forced to go to "Straight Camp" so they could kick being gay. When I had to see a psychiatrist for a number of things, my shrink thought I'd outgrow it. That's how uninformed they were, back in the day.

    I think you would be better to seek professional help concerning how you can accept this. It's like many things. One should learn how to live with it so that they can lead a normal life. The real trick is finding someone to share your life with, and to be able to engage in this sort of activity. The reality is that no one is perfect. We all come with dings and scratches, like a used car. If your partner loves you, they will learn how to accept this, just as you must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubstanceD View Post
    *snip* I'm thinking of doing a sort of "psychological association" experiment where every time I can't deny the need to wear a diaper I'll put a needle in my thigh, or something similarly painful (but not too harmful) so I'll associate the pain with the diaper-wearing...
    Whatever you do, do NOT go about it this way. Self harm is never a good option, in any situation.

    I don't care how 'harmful' you deem it to be, it's stupid to injure yourself over something as harmless as liking diapers. Trust me, there are FAR worse things to be into in life, the occasional diaper is not one of them.

    If you really are determined to make an effort at ridding yourself of it, seek real, professional help.

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    This condition comes with some unfortunate obstacles, and these obstacles change during our lives. For instance, now it sucks because you have to keep everything so hidden. I might assume that means you don't have privacy where you live. You're not free. And understandably you're afraid the people you honestly care about in your life might be very upset if they found out. Unfortunately that is a possibility. Whatever happens, notice one thing. All those feelings of shame might be coming from the fear of their reaction and judgement. But what's cool is that there really is nothing that you should be ashamed about.

    Your desire doesn't hurt anybody, does it?

    And you're not hurting yourself, are you?

    You have the right to live without shame and enjoy who you are.

    I agree with what everyone else is saying - Acceptance.

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    Probably not. But you could probably talk to someone and try to accept and love yourself and all of your feelings.

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    Simple answer, no...

    But don't worry, there is way worse things to be into than this...


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