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Thread: Anybody know what these are

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    Default Anybody know what these are

    I've been googling around trying to find out what brand these nappies are and I can't find them. They look awesome!

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    Well Tigger, I'd have to say is what you've got there are diapers if I had to guess. But seriously, I'm not sure, look like an adult diaper thats been modified to look like a baby one.

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    I don't think they are modified, but I do think they are cool and I want some

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    I'd have to agree with Molicare, they look like a regular adult diaper that's been modified with 'tape'. You can have this tape made (my ex did and sold it) for a nominal fee. I expect if someone looked at some of the enlarged pics they could tell you which diaper it is from the lettering in the 'wetness indicator' stripe.

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    I'm no expert but I've gotta say I think ayanna and molicare are right - if you look in some of the close-ups you can see that the tape looks like it's just been stuck on.

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    awww I've looked at all the close ups and I don't think it looks like it's stuck on. I tried to read what the wetness indicator says but my eyes suck... Can anyone else read it at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    I tried to read what the wetness indicator says but my eyes suck... Can anyone else read it at all?
    I belive it says "MEDIUM 222222222" or something similar... which doesn't tell you much about what diaper it is.

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    oh... Maybe it is just modified byt the person who posted it there and I'm too stupid to see it o.O

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    I believe those are some sort of asian diaper brand... I've seen them used on a number of ABDL photo/vid sites... can't tell ya' the exact name though... sorry.

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    they look cheap, do all diapers have the souble tape system (with the blue undertape)?

    they are totally just modified.

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