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Thread: Becoming a sissy... Advice and ideas?

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    Default Becoming a sissy... Advice and ideas?

    So there's no more denying it anymore. I enjoy cross-dressing. I became aware of my sissy side about two years ago when on Halloween my girlfriend <3 (yes I needed that heart there) suggested I wear one of her dresses as a costume because I didn't go out and get one myself. It was almost like a punishment for not being in the Halloween spirit... haha. After trying to talk myself out of it I finally gave in because secretly I was curious about how I would feel wearing a dress around all of her girlfriends. And I loved it. Her friends poked fun of me saying I was a very pretty little girl and what not and that made me blush. Well long story short since then I've had these strong urges to wear girl clothes. I haven't done it very much other than that Halloween and another time I snuck on another one of her dresses and got caught by her. (she was cool with it) But now I guess it's sort of time to come out of my sissy closet almost because I discovered that I really don't like to be associated with the manly man sort of expectations society has for guys and I should really be more comfortable with who I am. I really like to wear dresses and skirts and what not but I'm looking for some new ideas of things I can do or wear that will me feel more sissyish. I figured some of you might be able to help since many of you are more experienced than me in this department.

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    Hopefully this will help, just look for my post in the thread.

    Also, congrats on coming out as a sissy/crossdresser .

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    Dear Ryanboo
    Enjoy Enjoy. As i have hidden my true feelings for so long and turned my page a few years ago. Have been so happy since then and always on the look out for what i can wear. Every little part of being a sissy is a pure joy.
    Sincerely mypet

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    Quote Originally Posted by mypet View Post
    Dear Ryanboo
    Enjoy Enjoy. ... Every little part of being a sissy is a pure joy.
    Sincerely mypet
    Couldn't agree more :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanboo View Post
    So there's no more denying it anymore. I enjoy cross-dressing.
    I just found this out today lol. I'm hooked like a garter

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    Just be yourself!!! Enjoy being free and feeling sexy. I love wearing panties and bras, pantyhose, pads, everything!!! So as for suggestions as what to try next, I would say whatever you want!!

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