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    Contrary to the myths and stories most of the web sites aim at us no adult can ever physically or mentally be a baby and as much as you or I wish it we can never have a true infant experience again, and the bad part is we were unable to fully appreciate the time we had as the center of someone’s attention and care. I look at this in two ways,
    First, if I did not have the vague experience as an infant in the first place I would not have developed the desire to wear diapers. Second, is that as a baby I had no freedom, so I spent the next several years at someone else’s will, and that is not something that my adult mentality could accept freely on a long term basis. These are what makes an ab/dl one hell of a contradiction for a psychiatrist, and most of us deep inside know that if we were to solicit their service most would advise us to continue with our present lifestyle, I know this because I have not read any articles posted on the web that shows a real clear understanding about the reason or purpose for continuance of our choice to wear this type of clothing.
    My history is that my love of diapers all started in childhood with certain dreams that I had about wearing them (not lying), then out of curiosity, then later evolving into a relationship with them. As I grew older I no longer enjoyed diapers in just a sexual manner, as was the case while in my early teens but more as an icon for comfort and security. That’s a lot to expected from a piece of cloth and plastic, and that is why I collect stories trying to find out what makes it so desirable for us to wear and use an item of clothing which for the most part is unnecessary and is contrary to society’s current behavioral standards. Maybe were all just looking for is a second chance to relive the better memories of our past without the long-term restrictions that come with them.
    Just to rehash, we don’t have a clear idea of how this came to be, our “fetish”evolves as we learn and grow older, there currently is no concrete explanation for it, and we enjoy the thrill of the taboo involved in doing it. Zen escapism.

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