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Thread: Would you stand up? (Be Honest)

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    Question Would you stand up? (Be Honest)

    This is just a question I am curious about. I am hoping people are honest with thier answers.

    I am gonna make a scenario before I ask the question.


    So your talking to your freinds, and one starts talking about abdls. He starts saying we are pedophiles, and the scum of the earth. Your other friends have no idea what is is yet, and instantly take his words for the truth.


    Would you stand up for abdls? (I do not mean tell them that you are a abdl, I mean stand up in a incognito way)

    Would you stay quiet?
    Would you walk away?

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    I think I'd have a momentary pause in my thinking and conversation while I composed myself in having to discuss this with people who aren't involved. Once I got past that, I'm confident that I'd interject a little sanity to the discussion, whether or not it was well received. I've got something of a history with my friends of looking dispassionately at weird behavior and I don't think I'd have to come out just to talk about this in a reasonable way.

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    This has happened to me before. Someone in my group of friends I'm kinda close with, but not that close with, actually started ranting about grown men who pretend to be babies, and while she didn't say we were pedophiles or something, she did find us extremely weird and disgusting. I tried to defend the AB/DL as best I could without getting emotional, but it was pretty damn awkward as most of the other friends on that table knew that I was an AB/DL. And at the end of the day she did notice I was upset about something and asked me what was wrong, but of course, I couldn't tell her. It sucked, but I'm positive I did the right thing.

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    My brother use to think the same way. It was just last night though I finally told him, hey, I wear diapers. Now his perspectives on us has changed. Since this is apart of who I am, it has gotten easier and easier to tell someone that knows me, hey, we are not as bad as everyone who has no clue about it claim.

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    I do what I normally do, rail on the weirdos and say I don't care what people do in their own private time. People do weirder, grosser things.

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    Well, as someone who studies psychologically as an intended career field I have done a lot of research into fetishes. (I want to go into forensic science. Fetishes are the number one link to sex crimes) I would speak the truth whale sounding objective. Very few people in this area are pedophiles. Those that are, are removed by the general populace.

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    Hard to say.
    I could say one thing now, then would feel way different it the situation actually happened.

    I seen it happen a lot with me and others. When a actual situation happens it very different,
    than saying things one would do or not do.

    Might also vary from who I am with, tho I would try to give good words for AB/DL side.

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    With the increased appearances of the ABDL scene in mainstream media it wouldn't raise much suspicion if you simply disagreed and educated your friends on a few facts. I would.

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    I would definitely stand up for us and have once before. I was at a party, and I forget how it came up, but someone said that people who wore diapers were little more than pedophiles. I said that having a diaper kink was about escaping adult responsibilities and had no relation to pedophilia-- that they want to be babies, they don't want to molest them.

    IMO there's little downside to defending us: it's pretty easy to dispel the misconception that we're pedophiles, and people won't assume you're an ABDL unless you flaunt your kinks.

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