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    I just broke my hand last night badly enough where the ER doc couldn't set it. Now I need surgery. I'm still waiting for my consult but wonder if anybody has had similar surgeries and could relay their experience. Specifically how long do they take in general? Secondly, I've read from a few sources they may do a urinary catheter..... This horrifies me... True from your experience?

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    So some of the details depend on what exactly you broke and your surgeon, I will generalize a few things, but realize they may be different in your case.
    In regards to the catheter, I would actually be surprised if they used one in your case, a lot of the time they will do some regional anesthesia for isolated upper extremity work that can be completely blocked, and in that case they may not even have to knock you out all the way. So for your case I would say highly unlikely, just for others who might be having different surgeries where they might have to use a foley, if they do insert one it will not be until after you are knocked out so its really not as bad as it sounds.
    As far as the surgery, they can often be fairly short, but again this depends alot on the details of your break, if they simply have to put in some pins its not bad, if there are other structures involved it can be a bit longer.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    The surgery I had (not hand so can't speak to that) they did use a catheter but like bdb2004 said they put it in once I was already out. Sadly they didn't take it out when I was out though. It probably depends on the hospital/center but I somewhat remember the one I was at said they mainly use catheters for longer surgeries.

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    Appreciate the replies... After hours on google and I find here one thing is clear. There truly is no standard. Different care facilities are just that. Different. I'll have to wait and see what happens.

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    I had major back surgery in April, and they didn't didn't use a catheter. I had trouble peeing at first, but little by little, the ability came back. They cut into the center of my spine, removed a cyst and sewed and repaired the inner lining. The next day at noon time, I went home. You should do well.

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    When I had the surgery on my broken forearm four years ago I don't think they did in my case. It took about an hour and a half to replace part of the bone with an implant
    and grafting on the tendon. I know I didn't have to have an enema prior to surgery. Mine took place a week after the accident. I wish you good luck with the surgery and the
    rehab afterwards.

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