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Thread: Check out this Halloween costume ...

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    Default Check out this Halloween costume ...

    ... Please "like" it, the most FB likes for the photos wins the competition, so let's show how many votes a diaper can get! The voting closes Sunday night ... This was taken at the Phish show in Atlantic City, NJ Halloween night. The idea for the costume is the Phish song The Curtain- the lyrics are "It came from the baby's mouth", so there is an "IT" hanging from the binky in a speech bubble. Also sometimes the band plays an extended version of this song, referred to as The Curtain (With), so there is a "WITH" attached to the blankie. It's an amazing song too, check it out if you get the chance. Also I had two AB/DL pride pins attached to each of the tabs on the diaper ... Definitely representing us here! Thanks for your help, much love!

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    Hopefully the second link works, thank you soooo much for the heads up on that!!!

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    is that you?

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    Nice costume, you know I saw one of this roman wearing a diaper and a pacifier at a Wendys, and it was one of the more obscure brands too.

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    By all means vote for him, but remember - for those who wish to remain anonymous, pressing "like" puts your real name in a list for all to see...

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