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Thread: Your diaper schedule

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    Question Your diaper schedule

    I noticed that the question of how often do you wear diapers was asked in 2008 but I would like to know since I joined this year and there are new people who joined since then.

    So are you 24/7 or do you wear on occasion? If on the occasion then how often do you think you wear diapers?

    I wear them every now and then. I have a lot of diapers but I also have a credit card bill to pay and I am trying to make them last till I get my credit paid off. I will buy a couple of each different brand that is specifically made for AB/DL and a lot of at least 120 count for normal use as a reward for myself.

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    Wear every night to bed. Then shower and change into undies in the morning for work. Then repeat.

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    I wear two or three times a week on average, usually at night. Sometimes I'll wear all day Saturday.

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    EVERY night to bed and some other times as well just cause i like them!

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    Ever since I got a job and started working I've had a lot less time to wear diapers and put my mind in a state of regression. I remember I had a nice little baby night about a week ago, but aside from that, the last time I really got to regress was about a month or so ago.
    That being said, I'm definitely down for babying out tonight after having a rather boring Halloween, and it helps that I also have the day off tommorrow~

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    Since I got my bambino's this week. I've only worn to bed and changed out around noon-3pm.

    Of course the first day I wore as soon as I could and changed into one that night as well. So it weirdly breaks down to one per day.

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    Ever since I found this site in September, I have been wearing when I can ever since. My preferred diaper are Goodnights just because they fit me perfectly and they are very comfortable, especially when you wear two. I buy the 27 pack and it lasts about a month. I always wear to bed of coarse. I have alone time to myself most mornings from 8am-noon when my mom is at work, so I like to bum around the house in a shirt wearing a Goodnight or Depends, have some cereal, watch some MLP or Breaking Bad. I love my alone time. :3 Then if I'm not working that day I usually just go back to bed. I don't wear to work or professional events though. But when I am hanging with my friends, I am usually wearing a goodnight since they are discrete.

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    I wear cloth diapers whenever I am at home. I wear a dependeco trainer when out with a onesie over it. I do not use the trainer, it is just that it is more comfortable (and babyish) for me then regular underpants. I use my cloth diapers completely. Regretfully, when I go on trips to or with family, I have to be a "big boy".

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    Lately I've been wearing just about every night. I had the privilege of sharing my fetish with my ex-girlfriend. She was accepting of it and indulged me in my fantasies. That experience has really put me at ease with my little secret.

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