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Thread: Feeling un...something...

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    Lightbulb Feeling un...something...

    I'm sorry, I know it's stupid and sorry if this thread's been done, but I just feel kind of emasculated or maybe not such a stud (sorry again, not trying to be cocky) when wearing... This ever happen to you?

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    Since diapers are more or less a symbol for dependence/vulnerability/innocence/additional stuff, I think itīs normal
    to feel a little less... "manly" while wearing.
    ... No? O.o

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    Just asking if it ever happened to anyone, more of a feeling of: this isn't right :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    I'm sorry, I know it's stupid and sorry if this thread's been done, but I just feel kind of emasculated or maybe not such a stud (sorry again, not trying to be cocky) when wearing... This ever happen to you?
    I'm going to speak to this and truly hope you aren't offended.

    Perhaps you need to rethink the definition of "manly." Perhaps you are reacting to what you think people WOULD think of you if the saw you wearing a diaper. What is the differnece between "feeling" studly and "knowing" you are studly? The answer is simple, if you know you are studly then you would never question your studliness, even while in a diaper. This is because it is a state of mind.

    Welcome to the new age of enlightenment!

    The fortunate part about you living at this time is that you get the opportunity to redefine what "manly" is. Quite frankly I couldn't answer that anyway. I do, however, have a notion of what the messages society and the media portray of what it means to be manly. First you have to have a truck with incredible towing power because you never know when you'll have to swoop in and save the day. And of course, the super-hero/invincible attitude that you (collective third person) are not only the toughest man anywhere you go, but you are also ready to prove it at the drop of a dime, and after a long day of pulling people out of the mud with your truck, and beating up every guy who looked at you wrong there is nothing better to do than engage in extreme gluttony by eating way too much food that isn't even healthy. After that, then of course the ritual of out drinking any other man within a two-mile radius ultimatelty to fall asleep without ever being able to get it up anyway.

    I can see how that definition of manliness or studliness conflicts with wearing diapers for fun or pleasure.

    The ultimate question is whether YOU can reconcile the false image of manliness and what it means to be a stud with both YOUR desire to wear, and what seems to be actual wearing of diapers.

    Perhaps the questions not being asked revolve around what it is you want from wearing diapers, and whether it is truly worth the suffering about your perceived inadequacies. What do you want out of it? Where does it lead you? Down the rabbit hole? And does that scare you? Guess what, answering "I don't know" to all of those questions is okay.

    I wear diapers. My gf doesn't see me as less manly. And trust me she knows I am a stud where it counts.

    Maniliness is a perception. Wearing diapers is a reality.

    I hope you don't think I am picking on you. Your questions are not new, but they are still very relevant. Posting the question allows people like me who asked the same question of themselves to respond and ultimately tell you that it is you who are laboring under false definitions and expectations from an external source. I know this because my internal source keeps finding me in diapers day after day, and year after year. I questioned all that too, but I haven't stopped wearing. The relief is knowing that you were wrong about what you thought about yourself. It takes the pressure off so you can enjoy them more. You're gonna wear them, so you have a choice to continue trying to define everything the way you have been, or take the opportunity to redefine it according to what you need it to be, and WANT it to be. Nothing wrong with it because it is more truthful than you would realize.

    Here's some questions: Why do you like to wear diapers? What do they do for you? When you are taping a diaper on do you feel good in that moment? Kinda like everything is right, okay somehow? Then the feelings of insecurity come, don't they? Which came first the diaper or the insecurity about wearing the diaper? In the absence of the diaper you don't feel that way, but the fact is you inexplicably continue to purchase and wear diapers. What is wrong with accepting that as a newly defined reality that has nothing to do with societal perceptions of manliness, but rather, has everythiong to do with you fufilling your desires without beating yourself up about it.

    I chose diapers because they gave me so much more pleasure than living up to false definitions and expectations of what it is to be a man in this society.

    With all due respect,

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    Acceptance is dealing with things they way they are, as opposed to the way you think they should be.


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    The un-manly feeling is one of the reasons I like wearing. My job is a manly man type job, my GF loves when I am the in charge, masculine guy, and my padded time is when I can just relax :-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    Just asking if it ever happened to anyone, more of a feeling of: this isn't right :P
    I felt this way when I was your age. I grew up on the Jersey Shore, the exact place you see on television, and we all acted tough, or tried to be tough. It was a survival thing. Imagine how this conflicted with who I thought I wanted to be, and the horrible urge to want to wet a diaper in the late of the night. I wrestled with this for a long time, but as one grows and matures, they begin to understand that the idea of "being a man" is merely conforming to the biggest bullshit line society throws at us, mostly through TV and movies.

    Now I understand that I have a lot more worth and value as a musician, a musical artist and a damn good writer. I don't have to fit the stereotypes of society. When I wear diapers, I enjoy regressing, and feeling like a baby or a toddler. Not only does it no longer bother me, but I love the feeling. I suspect you'll eventually get there. Don't force it, but embrace all of life, undiapered and diapered. There's a time and place for all things.

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    I've beed dealing with this feeling for 6yrs now.Ever since I told my wife then my gfriend I cant wear openly in front of her and feel ok with it.My inco is rather minor and comes and goes so its difficult for her to except me wearing all the time.

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