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Thread: Being a professional and AB/DLism

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    Default Being a professional and AB/DLism

    So, from posts I've read on here many of us are some type of professional that is looked upon by society as an "important" person: doctors, lawyers, CEOs you name it. I personally am an undergrad student going into medical school relatively soon (for pediatrics, of course )
    How do you choose to portray yourself on ABDL social media? Horror story: I met a girl on diapermates that was a resident at a hospital. she posted her picture as her profile picture on an ABDL site and another ABDL ended up being her patient and RECOGNIZED HER FROM THE SITE. Moral of the story: probably not a good idea to use an actual photograph. But, I want an opinion: How can you safeguard your professional identity while still being able to connect on a personal level with ABDL friends?
    Also, any pediatricians/health professionals that work with lots of kids? Does your ABDLism impact your patient care?

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    lol You cant. Once you post online, its up there for good, you just gotta hope it doesn't come back to haunt you. Though there are sites that are able to restrict the sharing of photos you post for the safety of your professional or social life (fetlife for example). But i dont think its a bad thing that the girl was recognized by another abdl.

    it also depends on what field you're in. Me for example, im in the music businss. All kinds of colorful people in there.

    I've met a few health professionals who are Littles/ABDLs, they separate their work life from their fun life.

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    I'm a small business owner, so possibly not one of the "important" people you refer to. However, my reputation is my life in the business world. =^.~=

    To protect that reputation, I never give out my real name in any connection to my life style. For those friends I have in the AB/DL community as well as my friends in the furry community, I have an alias I introduce my self with, who has a different email, post address, phone number, picture ID, bank card, etc.
    I never ever post any pictures of my self online in any association with my alias. Not even under an alias. Its not just that someone might see them now, or in the future, Its also a fear of future technology. With in 10 years, we will be able to search for people by any image of their face, so any pic of your face will be searchable. That tech exists now, but not as a usable search engine, yet. All those embarrassing facebook images from highschool are going to come back to haunt us. =>.>=
    I don't meet with people in RL who are into my lifestyle if they are the sort who take pictures, as I don't want my face plastered all over someone else's facebook page.
    I never refer to anyone's real name in association with my alias. If I listed 3 friends I was outwith last night, anyone who knew those 3 friends would have an easy time figuring out who I am.

    Its almost like being in witness protection, or a spy! =<.<=..... In the business world, the slightest hint of weakness or abnormality is blood in the water, and your competition will come after you like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They don't even need a reason or grudge to tear you apart. Practice destroying you is reason enough.

    So I can't connect at the personal level very often with others. When I do, its with the understanding that it's always through the Alias. On the one hand, =U.U=. but on the other, I can connect at a deeper, more unguarded way because I have a level of anonymity to protect me. There is freedom in anonymity.

    Sort of an anecdotal tangent, but i have a friend who wasn't as careful as she should have been. She accidentally gave her real first name to a guy online once. that was all. But under her screen name, she had once mentioned the school she went to, and once mentioned she was headed to a certain class at a specific time.
    It turned out the guy was a creepy, and that was all the guy needed to track her down. He drove thousands of km to her town, showed up at her dorm room and was trying to force his way in when the police arrived. Its her story that made me realize how easy it could be to track someone down online, and how important it was to keep personal information out of public places like the internet.


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    Yeah just don't use anything that could identify you. No photos of your face or any unique markings. Use a separate email with an alias, not your real name.

    As people have said before, once it's on the internet, it's out of your hands. There is literally no way to keep people from getting it. FetLife does have some protection from stealing photos, but that only stops people from right clicking and saving. There are other ways they can be taken.

    I'd say you should be extra careful also since you're going into pediatrics. An association from the general public like that would... not be good.

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    Thanks Kayley! Small business owners are EXTREMELY important, they just don't readily come to mind :P. I might start doing the whole alias thing, its such a great idea. And, I've tracked down the pictures of myself and deleted them from the source...I just hope no one copied them .

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    It is a scary thought. I don't normally give out my real name unless i'm meeting someone. I post pictures of myself on FetLife and Facebook, but I have the privacy setting on high so you have to be my friend to see my face.

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    It's far too late for me, I am who I am. Nobody can use it against me because I own it. For better or worse.

    I can't even fathom going through the trouble of creating an entire alter ego, but, whatever it takes I guess.

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    MattiKins, does "owning it" affect your professional life? I can understand why people would go through the trouble in creating fake credentials, not necessarily entirely new identities, to keep themselves separated from their work life. But, I'm interested in what you have to say.

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    One day my alter ego(s) will come together, but for now, My professional me is different from my AB/DL me is different from my furry me (tho AB/DL and furry is already coming together)

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    To protect my identity, I use "Carlos Danger" as my screen name on ABDL/fetish networking sites.

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