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    I am really looking for adult baby patterns. I looked on etsy and only could find the two I listed below. I think I am going to go crazy if I don't find another pattern. I may end up getting patterns for babies and re-size them. That will take time since when resizing things you have to correct error.

    So any sissy baby patterns for adults out there?

    I have these so far

    PDF Pattern for Adult-Sized Rompers, Footed Pajamas, and Union Suits
    PDF Pattern for Adult-Sized Onesies

    Note; it is very tricky to print off from pdf and tape them together where everything lines up. I wasted about 70 pages for the first attempt. Also it is most of the time assumed that you know what your doing when you purchase from those who design these patterns themselves. I got little to no instructions in the ones I mentioned above. There is no step by step unless you buy from Burda or some other commercially made patterns.

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    Where did you get the patterns? I would love to get my hands on an Adult-Sized Footed Pajamas Pattern.

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    Keep in mind that when you tape together each individual page you have to do it systematically. It is a large pattern too so be sure to do it on the floor where you have lots of room.

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    Check out Kwik Sew #2175

    I've tried lots of patterns and these are the best by far!

    I'm 5-11 and 230#

    They are full size prints...and it's regular paper...not the cheap craft paper most patterns are made of...

    I've made about a dozen pair of Footies from these patterns so far...

    They also have places to lengthen and shorten...arms, legs, upper torso, lower torso, etc...

    Easy to follow directions...

    If anyone needs help, pm me...or post...


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    Ok update on Etsy and sewing patterns. I found out that the page that I found ABDL sewing patterns has no items for sell. I wanted her pattern for Shortalls and I wanted to see what else there is.

    I looked up sewing patterns and only found other ABDL threads that have been asking the exact same question. Where can I get sewing patterns?

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