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    Default Your ideal schedule

    ...For Adult Baby play.

    What is it?

    For me its starting off, Saturday morning, with me being cleaned via a change, then its a trip to go buh byes, (I can get away with wearing a rather thin, daytime diaper underneath my clothes and a coat... I don't do this during the hot months) and I'll probably have breakfast, (being fed in the car is okay, being fed in the publics is a no-no), Then come home, have some playtime, with little toys, nothing naughty, and I love tickles and cuddles from Daddy (whoever he might be in the future). </runonsentence>

    After my second change, we'd cuddle up and watch a movie together, either watching one of my favorites as a DL or watching something more childlike, such as Disney, while I color a picture for Daddy. We'll take another trip out to the park (an every age park... not just a child's park... I always found that adults that hang out around there give me the heeb jeebs) where I'd wear concealing clothes, (but some "little" touches such as talking to me like I'm small is okay... Also. I love balls. Especially those large balls you work out with? Coolest things ever. I don't care what age I am, kick a ball into the air, and I'm off. ) After a come home and another change, we'd play some Xbox together before bath time and night time routines are my favorite. Usually I enjoy a warm milk bottle, while being rocked and hummed to and having my hair petted until I fall asleep in my warm night-time diaper. Ah yes. That sounds nice.

    On the weekdays, I wouldn't have a schedule. I'd just break out the diaper and pacifier before bed and watch relaxation come.

    What is your ideal schedule for baby play?

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    My perfect ab day would probably go something like this. I don't have a caretaker, but I'll just use "Mommy'' to avoid getting repetitive.

    In the morning Mommy gets me up and tenderly changes my diaper, but leaves me in my sleeper until after breakfast. She makes me something yummy like hot cereal and a bottle of chocolate almond milk and turns on My Little Pony to watch while I eat. Then she dresses me in something cute and brushes my teeth. We go to the mall and Toys R Us and I get to pick out all sorts of stuff I like. Then we go to an out-of-the-way playground where nobody else is.

    By this time I'm desperate for a change, so she takes me home, gets me in a fresh diaper, and we have lunch. Then we make popcorn and snuggle on the couch while watching an animated movie. Then I play with some of my new toys, until it's dinner time.

    We then go to Dave and Buster's, which is like Chuck E. Cheese for adults. We eat and play in the huge arcade. Soon it's time to go home, where she brushes my teeth again and gives me a bath - I pee in the tub and announce it proudly - then she wraps me in a robe and takes me to my room. I lie down on my bed and she diapers me as she smiles and tells me what a good baby I am. Then she puts me in my sleeper, crawls into bed with me, and reads me a story. After that she makes sure I'm nice and cozy, giving me my plushies and pacifier, turns on my night light, and kisses me on my forehead. I fall asleep completely at peace, feeling wrapped in my Mommy's love.

    (I realize that's more of a ''special day'' scenario than a daily schedule, but hey, it's fun to dream.)

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    Haa, well, for a weekday, wake up the little boy, change him, bathe him, get him ready for kindergarten and drop him at school :P
    that would be fun, if there were kindergartens or preschools for adult boys.

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