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Thread: Diapers for active people

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    Default Diapers for active people

    Hey what diaper holds up to the most physical punishment? I have a physical manufacturing job and i love wearing to work but i have torn open a couple of diapers.

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    All diapers will fatigue with a lot of exertion but I've made a few house calls in a medium Attends though I waited until after the heavy work was done to flood them. Also with any plastic diaper, mind the zipper on your work pants lest it snag and create a tear

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    hmm... in my opinion, I would have to say abenas. maybe Tena?

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    a reusable one maybe? may not be able to handle a wetting well but it sure can take a lot of punishment before tearing. they are designed to not tear in a washing machine.

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    This is a tricky question because the answer is going to depend on the person wearing them. I am very active, and would love to wear a cloth diaper during the day, but it is not possible for me to carry around wet diapers. I can manage to carry around an extra disposable during the day, but sometimes that is difficult. I wear the Bambino or Ambri M4, they are both great diapers and really do their job. Both work well, but the best one is the one that you decide works best for you. Try them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accept View Post
    a reusable one maybe? may not be able to handle a wetting well but it sure can take a lot of punishment before tearing. they are designed to not tear in a washing machine.
    good answer! our mums were right with the terry nappies, unbreakable (and usable on the next child!)

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    I've tried everything available in the US. Only diaper that suffices my day to day activity, is the M4 with a AbriSan 11 stuffer.

    Any diaper needs proper support under pressure, so I use fitted boxer briefs over my diaper.

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    I find that the Abena pull-ups last incredibly we'll with activity. They don't clump up like the tape on equivalents.

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    My favorite ones for work are the Tena Stretch Super. They are cloth backed, but are very durable and very absorbent. The stretch panels keep the diaper close to the body. Throw an Abena maxi stuffer in there, and it will last quite a long time. I used to work in a hotel, and was constantly walking, picking things up, reaching, etc and these held up very well. There was an ADISC post on this here:

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    I deliver newspapers from my car. There's a lot of shifting around in my seat, especially putting papers in tubes from the passenger's side window. Abena diapers will break apart - the stuffing, that is. Dry 24/7 does not, and leaks less than the Abena. I don't know about walking a lot in a 24/7, they would be less comfortable than an Abena, I think, because they are stiffer. I guess that the stiffness is an indicator of durability...

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