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Thread: Just joined Fetlife and it was not like I expected.

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    Default Just joined Fetlife and it was not like I expected.

    You know sometimes you get lucky and the first people you meet somewhere blows away your expectations. I joined last week and was for the most part open with it about my baby girl. I posted to a hypnosis group looking for someone to redo a recording for a baby regression. An important side is that the recording was done at too fast a rate and read in the recorded computer voice. Made me feel like a baby bender trying trying to experience a soft tender moment with mother wasn't working.

    So I joined got up the nerve to post that I was looking for a reader to recreate the file but in a way that is like mommy reading to her daughter. I had someone respond to the post and say that he knew someone who he had contact me. To see if baby Kerry would react to her reading I got her to read Goodnight Moon and the spot in my heart where Kerry lives just melted. I've also been given permission to associate her as Mommy (I had to ask as it can affect the hypnotic session, sorry again side tracked) and I started crying when she said yes. I didn't know how much my little girl had wanted this.

    Compiling the script is almost done and mommy feels that she should be able to start reading today. I'm bouncy excited that it just happened. What was a little baby girls dream before going to sleep is turning into a online shared experience. Unless I'm reading to much into it. Oh and I became friends with her daddy too haven't talked to him yet but I bet he's nice since he helped me out in the first place.

    So that's my experience. If you have a fetlife page and want to hang out with my baby girl look me up. Lostlileme

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    I'm glad you found someone to call mommy. I sent a friend request there..

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    I joined Fetlife to see more of a munchie in my area, and don't really go on it, except that one time I had to. Honestly I don't really want to go all in and start communicating with other people there, as I don't really trust is as much as I do here. Maybe I will when I'm ready. In the meantime I'll send you a request there.

    PS. I am Paciloverbaby3. Ironically same as the name here.
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    Fetlife is kinda one of those "is what you make it" deals.

    Lots of creeps, lots of really cool people.

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    I joined and left fetlife, then rejoined. I had to give it a second chance. But like BoundCoder said, theres lots of creeps, but also some cool people there.

    I added ya for fun

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    I know nothing about Fetlife, but I do know that o matter where you go you will find creeps waiting in the wings. This is the first site I have visited where I felt comfortable enough to join... I am still very careful about my privacy, and the sites that are just meat markets do not interest me.
    I lurked here for quite some time before I decided to join, and so far I am glad I did...

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    Be careful yrs I got lucky to meet mommy and uncle Brian. At least though you know I am "mostly harmless"

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    If it weren't for Fetlife, I never would have gone to my first munch, I never would have met several people I consider to be really good friends, and I would still be feeling lost and alone in many ways. I really dig the site, and the creepy people are very easy to avoid. I also have the same name there if anybody wants to look me up.

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    Fetlife does have some creeps, but like a few said, Thank's to fetlife I found out there are munchies in my area, and I hope to go to one soon. and I have met some cool people as well!

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    Heehee, DJ, and you wouldn't have found your Big Brother.

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