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Thread: Battle Field 4 PC specs

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    Default Battle Field 4 PC specs

    Ok this is the first PC game i have ever seen that requires a intel quad core or amd 6/8 core. so possibly the first game of the next generation to fully make use of the capability of more than 4 cores!!!!

    GPU Minimum: 512MB recomended: 3GB

    Ram Min:4 GB Recomended 8GB

    Downfall is it takes up 30GB hard drive space

    And My Copy Requires a Disk Installation Due to the Size of the Files

    Anyone else have this game yet for PC xbox or ps3? what you think of it so far

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    Played a tiny bit of the beta. First game my (roughly one year old) computer can't run on full without slowing down. It isn't anything like Crysis when it came out but it is indeed a demanding game. Ironically I don't think it looks that much better than BF3 (which I can actually max comfortably).

    Wouldn't be surprised if the performance picked up a bit after the beta / after there is better driver support.

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    i didn't play the Beta because i heard it was almost unplayable but i am installing it as i type this but as far as recomended specs go. it will give my PC a run for its money. My GPU is 4GB only 1 GB over recomended

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    Tried playing beta on my laptop, which runs smoothly on BF3. Beta? Hell no. Of course it's mobile processor and all, but it meets above the minimum. 8GB RAM, i7-something running at 2.30 or so, and a 7870M with a gig of ram on it. Got a consistent slideshow.

    Some dude on the BF4 subreddit? i5 with Intel HD4000 (on CPU) graphics got around 30 FPS. What the....sfdzbnxf

    Can't afford nor really place a desktop anywhere--That's why I bought a laptop. No, I'm not selling it. I only wish it wasn't a requirement to be level 10 to play commander, otherwise I would be on my tablet right now commanding peeps.

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    It runs smoothe on mine
    AMD 8350 8 core 4ghz
    16gb ram
    gtx 770 4gb

    Very processor heavy seriously not recomend 2 core hyer thread or not mine runs at 70-89% load on 6 cores at times it will use all 8

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    I ran the BF4 Beta on PC just fine. Though there was hiccups and even a crash a few times. Worst time was when I was piloting the transport heli from E side and we were right at the C skyscrapper and the gunners were about to unload.

    Intel i5 3570k (stock clock)
    AMD 7870
    8 GB ram 1600 mhz

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    the beta isnt as heavy as the actual Game my bro played the beta while i watched the load on the 2nd monitor. beta ran 3/4 load that the actual game runs

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    I didn't have any problems with the beta, you had to update punkbuster manually and use the beta graphics drivers. Was getting 60-120 FPS on the beta. I haven't looked at my FPS too much on the official release, but it feels like i'm playing BF3 except with the waves. My load times are kind of slow, but then again I don't have an ssd.

    Processor: Intel core I7 2.66ghz 920 OC @ 3.2 with corsair H70 enclosed liquid cooling
    Ram: G.SKILL 24gb PC3 12800 Ram
    Graphics: MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III PE/OC GeForce GTX 570 Memory: 1280MB 320-bit GDDR5

    I was playing the campaign yesterday and the game crashed , but other than that it feels like playing BF3

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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    the beta isnt as heavy as the actual Game my bro played the beta while i watched the load on the 2nd monitor. beta ran 3/4 load that the actual game runs
    From videos it seems the official BF4 game looks better then the beta, but at the same time DICE claimed the beta was more unoptimized then the release version is. Like the Beta was apparently the same demo from E3 this year.

    Anyways i'm not concerned. When I get it I'll just use AMD's mantle API on my 7870 to get a boost.

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    Official game is pretty badass. It still has a few bugs, very playable though.

    Add me if you wanna game!


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