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    looking to either get help understanding or doing away with this debilitating fetish [Removed]
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    Hay, I'm in Anchorage! nice to find another Alaskan! Anywho You found the right place to learn more about your diaper fetish. I have since excepted this part of me after many years of hateing it. I hope you find a better understanding of it here and I hope for a bright future for you.

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    Welcome to the site.

    In regard to doing away with "this debilitating fetish", I'll be blunt; Not going to happen due to what someone says here. If you want to no longer have interests of this nature, that will be merely a test of your own will. As far as finding a girlfriend goes, I don't know how viable of a path that is. There is a rule against posting personals. So unless you just get along well with another member, and meet them one day, no dice.

    All that in mind, feel free to check out the forum. If you have any questions about a particular subject, be sure to use the search function (The search box in the top right of your window). It's a pretty nifty tool, can find you information on almost anything AB/DLs might discuss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coydullard View Post
    looking to either get help understanding or doing away with this debilitating fetish or finding a girlfriend with similar interests.
    I am afraid it can't be "done away with" short of something extreme like dementia. It can be ignored or suppressed, kind of like choosing to be celibate, but that doesn't make for a happy life, mostly. And the interest and urges will remain. Self-acceptance is the safest and sanest path available, and so it is what we advise.

    As to a mate who is into the same thing: female ab's DO EXIST. I know some. Once upon a time I longed and lusted for an abdl gf, but as things turned out, I didn't need her to have EXACTLY the same kink as me; as long as she was kinky herself, she could meet me half way, and we could please each other. (This is a kink for me, though many ab's declare it NOT to be a kink, but a driving desire different from a sexual fetish. Makes sense to me, as I am a fur without it being a fetish for me., though it may be for others.

    Indulging in diapers is reasonably affordable, safe, legal and doesn't hurt anyone. Diaper play needn't be the whole of a person
    s sex life either; when you find a willing girl, indulge each other's tastes. I am guessing as you start to enjoy your inclination, guilt and depression over it will disappear, or worry that anything is "wrong" with you. Guilt and worry are the problem, not the diaper habit by itself. I mean, people who have to wear them for need don't have the guilt or shame that afflicts so many abdl people.

    Coming to terms with who you are - and around here we regard being abdl as part of your identity - frees you to go and get on with your life, unimpeded. That's a big part of why we care about a person's hobbies, and interests: as Moo so wisely decided, and based Adisc's focus around, there is more to a person than what they wear or why they wear it.

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