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Thread: Abena Question - Recent quality

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    Question Abena Question - Recent quality

    Hey gang, it's about time for me to re-order. About 6-8 months ago I ordered Abena M4 like I normally do, except the quality was poor to say the least, the plastic felt thinner, the tapes ripped off easy and just generally were lacking.
    So since then I have been getting other diapers in. However I notice that Agecomfort has a sale on Abena and I wanted to purchase them, but still worried the quality is lacking.
    Any updates?

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    They get worse every time I order them! I order Abena M-4s about every 3 months from XP Medical and may not again. The Eurobriefs from Northshore were better but not currently available however the Tena Slips I got from XP l are rapidly becoming my #1 diaper. (No pun intended.) It's good to have elastic in the rear waistband!

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    I got a bad batch a while ago and while I am pretty sure i bought them from bambino, their customer service folks straight up ignored my existance so I emailed Gary at xp medical to see if he could help and he was indeed able to do so because there was a bad batch that came through sometime in may. So yes there was a defective batch of abenas but the case i got as replacement and the next case i bought were both fine!

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    The samples I got aren't exactly great either. M is not M but L size

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    I got a case of L4s recently and haven't had any problems with them and I'm using them nightly.

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    Abena has cheapened the quality of their diapers over the last couple years, probably to save themselves money.
    but Molicare and several other companies have also cheapened the quality of their diapers also.
    It seams when diaper companies make changes to their products the become worse not better.

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    I just finished a bag of M4s and haven't had any issues with them other than the tops being a little oddly folded and bending the top tapes. Nothing else has stood out.

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    the m and L 4's are cheaper made version of the xplus diapers that Abena used to make.
    they eliminated the rear waistband and have a thinner plastic out cover and the padding seams fall apart easier when wet
    the the X plus diapers.

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    I got a case of M4 last weak. It must have been 2 years since my last order. I was surprised to find the plastic thinner, the rise a little shorter and most anoyingly, the prints and wetness indicator are offset to one side.

    I'm NOT reordering this brand. I mainly got them to save a bit of money this month, but you really get what you pay for. I'm going back to Kendall Lille Supreme and Molicare. I miss them already and I'm not even trough my first pack of Abena X-Plus.

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    Glad it's not just me. Just got a case recently after about a year and the padding definitely seems a bit looser. Also I used to be able to flood an L4 right when I woke up and it would be fine, but now if I do that there's a pretty good chance of leaking. Guess I'll probably get the new dry 24/7s next time assuming they come out ever.

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